15 February 2007

Melting in Minot

We have 2 dogs and a cat. There have been times where its 4 dogs and a cat. They all sleep in our bedroom, and usually all on the bed. That is the reason we now have a king size bed. But because of that, our room is also always the hottest in the house. We always turn the vents off in our room, have a fan on, and we used to also have a window AC unit that was used pretty much year-round (that says a lot, considering we live in North Dakota, where it is currently -13.)

Needless to say, I woke up this morning sweltering. My dog was off the bed, and as the resident greyhound, he is the biggest and warmest of the pets, and all I had covering me was a blanket. Freakin' A. Our connecting bathroom was so warm that the doorknob, floor and toilet seat were almost too hot to touch (ha). When I made it to the thermostat, thinking maybe we'd forgot to turn it down from the 75 I keep it at in the daytime, it read a whopping 81!!!!! I was like, "Holy shit!" But guess what the temp was set at? 73. Which is the nighttime temp, since Sully's room is the coldest in the house (how the fuck does that always happen? poor kid) and if it wasn't at 73, his room would drop pretty low and he'd freeze.

So apparently something is broken. Caayn turned the whole heater off before we left this morning, and it now says 79. It's still freaking on though. Damn. I probably should call housing and have them get some guy out here. Gah. I hate doing that. They never cover their shoes, so they always track in loads of snow to melt all over my floors. And the only time they come over is when Sully is napping (and it doesn't matter what time of day that is). Idiots.

Whatever. I'm off to go swelter all over Subeta.