14 February 2007


I thought I'd start this off with a picture I found of my beach. Well, its one of my beaches. I have several. Pismo (the one in that picture), Avila, Pirate's Cove, and Port San Luis. I guess Shell Beach counts too. You can find them in my favorite place in the world--the Central Coast of California. They march along from Oceano (Grover Beach) up to San Luis Obispo. Pirate's Cove is a "nude" beach. It's this very difficult to get to sliver of beach in a small crescent-shaped cove (hence the name). It's got to be like half of a mile or so, very small. Tall cliffs on the back, ocean to the front. When the tide is in, there's like 6 feet of beach left. I got married in an open-ended cave above that cove that looks out over the ocean there. That's the picture I have on the right. I love my ocean. I love those rolling hills that follow the coast line and highway 101. Stupid North Dakota doesn't have hills. Or mountains. OR a beach.

Am I the only person who uses normal English when text messaging? It takes longer than normal (I guess), but that could also be because I've only sent like 3 text messages in my whole life.

And to share a little more geekiness, Subeta is now doing a restocking war to test the limits of their new servers, and I'm all super excited. I've joined Sebastian Phoenix's team (duh), and already have over 200 points. Yeah, I'm lame like that.

In Sully news, he has a new friend. Ippo. It's a little ridiculous. We were at the mall and the Hallmark has like 200 of the little buggers all lined up in the entry way and along the large glass windows... Sully was super interested. We went back the next day and bought 3 cards so that it would be cheaper... But now it's like a top ranked toy. It's up there with Beckett the blanket and Robert (or Raby, Baby or Raby Baby) the ancient stuffed dog. We can't go anywhere without all 3. Kids are silly.

In baby news--there isn't any news. No baby for the month of October. And while I didn't want to have a baby that would be born in November (I'm secretly against Scorpios, considering a majority of my family was born then and I am one, and well, we aren't a pleasant bunch. Moody, independent, stubborn to a fault, etc) we decided to just keep trying. Sigh. I just know we'll get pregnant this month, so this baby can spite me. Grr.

Caayn is having surgery in March. March 19th to be exact. On Sully's birthday. He recently discovered that the fucked up problem with his nose is a deviated septum. So they're going to correct that for him, in hopes that he can finally sleep like a normal human and wake up refreshed. All I can say is that I have it good. A lot of people with deviated septums have sleep apnea too, but he never had that. The gods were kind. Well, maybe not. If he had snored, I probably would have sent him to the dr sooner. Hate snoring! Anyway, so that will be exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

I think that might be all the interesting things I can think of right now. Happy Valentine's Day! Tomorrow go buy all the chocolate you can because it'll be on sale. And it'll be tasty. Maybe, if it doesn't have any kind of gross filling. If it has gross filling, throw it away.