28 February 2007

Case of the Disappearing Snow

Ahh crap, now my font is all woogy. Anyway, so before bed last night Caayn informs me that we're supposed to get -12 inches of snow overnight. I ran over to the window to see if it had started yet, because well, that amount of snow can take a long time to fall around here. (We're not like New York, ya know.) No snow yet. He said it wasn't supposed to start until midnight.

Apparently North Dakota is the only place where weathermen are allowed to be so completely inept. I used to watch the news back home, simply because those were 'my' channels, and I knew the newsanchors. Had grown up watching them. Our meterologists never got the weather wrong that bad. I must be kooky or something, but I'd much rather my weathermen predict good weather and have it be bad. Out here it's always woe and doom. Except when they are predicting we'll have -really- great weather... and well... its North Dakota. There IS no great weather. Especially in winter. Those days we had 40 degree weather? Utter fluke. The weatherman going on to say we'd hit 50? Utter nonsense.

Here's the weather forecast for today.

Heavy Snow Warning

  • Snow accumulating 5 to 8 inches during the day.

  • I got this from, my go-to guy for weather. I have the little weather thingy on my Google page, and its pretty accurate. It's also set to show York, PA, and it often predicts ice storms for them... but since I'm not there I have no way of knowing if its true or not.

    Oh, and if anyone is wondering what happened with Edward? We let him go. I took him back to where Artemis found him and chased him into that drain, and low and behold, he has a little burrow under our house. Yeah I know, it's really actually bad to have dakrats burrowing under your house, but I'm crazy, okay. Deal with it. I'm going to be Crazy Gopher Lady who has like 20 gopher holes in her front yard and is excited every time she sees one. Well, assuming we're living in PA, then maybe I'll be Crazy Woodchuck Lady.

    Oops, this made me think of a short story. Yesterday Caayn and I were discussing how we always end up with animals at out house. And it's so true. We've had way over 10 different dogs, cays, birds and now dakrats, in our home. They find us, we take them in and find their owners or attempt to nurse them back to health, in the case of the crow. I told Caayn if Sully brought home a woodchuck, I'd be perfectly fine. I'd be like, "It's your responsibility to take care of it!" And Caayn laughed and asked me if I knew how big woodchucks were, which I did because I saw them the first time we went to PA. They were big fat lumps on the hillsides. So yep. Silliness.