21 February 2007

Funny Facts

Want to know something funny about me?

Every time I open a jar of salsa, I cut my left index finger. I'm not sure how or why, but it always happens. Kind of funny. Worth it though, because I love me some chips and salsa.

Also: there is a new cereal out that is pretty tasty. I'm too lazy to get up and see what the actual name is, but its something like Nature Valley, Oats 'n Honey. It's basically corn flakes and chunks of yummy granola bar. Funny story about those particular granola bars (the only kind I'll willingly eat). I once went camping with a bunch of friends. It was kind of something we just thought up and then did. So we were at the store buying various meats to barbecue and various alcoholic beverages to drink. I think some tortilla chips were chosen as well. Me? I picked up a box of those granola bars and was like, hey, thats enough to tide me over. Yeah, thats what I took camping. Nothing like granola and a 40 of King Cobra. Yum.

Man. I hope Sully never asks me questions about my youth.

It was up to 40 something yesterday, I think. Or maybe just the 30s. Whatever, it was freaking nice. No jacket sort of weather. They called for 50s even today. However, we have shit of weathermen. Seriously. Caayn was excited about the weather prospect this morning. I glance out the back door and proclaim it would snow. Or rain. On the way back from his dentist appt, he called to tell me there were tiny snow flakes in the air. Ha! But sadly, its now 21 and windy, making it 4 degrees with windchill.

Damn, have I already said I hate North Dakota?