19 February 2007

Yada yada

Things always happen here all at once. March, for instance, will be a busy month. It starts off with a double dog vet appt. Both dogs need their yearly shots, plus their vaccine for going to the kennel.

Next up, we're going to Pennsylvania. Yipee! A week-long vacation! Caayn's dad has this wonderful house at the far end of Dover, with this long twisty private lane that goes through loads of trees (some type of oak, no less)... I love it. Their property is to-die-for gorgeous. Plus, all of that area is hilly, mountainy, tree-filled goodness. It -almost- ties with the Central Coast for my favorite place.

Then we come back. The following Monday, Caayn's surgery.

3 days later--the cat is getting her goddamned girl parts removed.

You freakin' got it. She is BACK in heat. This is my punishment for not getting her fixed sooner. I'm sure there are things more annoying, but at this exact moment, I can't think of any.

I'm reading Feast for Crows right now, by George R.R. Martin.

The book rocks. I've been reading the series since, well, forever. A group of friends and I used to hang out at our local Denny's, drinking coffee, smoking, reading books, playing board games, etc. One friend brought the first book, A Game of Thrones. I looked through it, and said (and I quote) "Hey, your book has cussing, whats up with that?" My sort of books never had cussing, unless it was Stephen King. He told me the general jist of what it was about. Unfortunately he was borrowing it from a friend too, so I had to wait forever to get my hands on it. The book was very good. I promptly bought the others that were out. They remain a favorite of mine.

Anyway! I'm very particular about my books. I don't bend them more than necessary, I don't fold pages. They all have to match, if its part of a series. Meaning, I can't have tradebacks or hardcovers if I have others that are normal paperback. So when Feast for Crows came out, I had to wait for paperback. (Yeah, can you say freak? :D) And then I forgot about it, because I'm always reading something new and I've got a bad memory.

So when I saw it in the bookstore, I bought it and then started reading the series from the beginning again. YAY! I love these books. Did I say that already?

Thats all I've got for now. I KNOW there was something I wanted to add, but I forgot what it was the second I opened this window. Go figure.

Have a good night!