01 February 2007

Breakdown of the Day

Kids are funny things. Sometimes I wonder if people have them strictly for the entertainment.

Sully has several favorite things to do, aside from staring at the tv. One of them is an activity he refers to as "dupping". Dupping requires one parent, two if you can find them, and an expanse of bouncy material. For example, a king sized bed. It starts with him mulling around the bottom step of the staircase, peeking around to see if anyone's looking. That is quickly followed by the declaration, "Seepy!" This is to inform any listeners that Sully is sleepy and is going to go lay down on his parents' bed. He zips up the stairs and hurls himself up turned-over nightstand at the foot of the bed. (Tall bed plus short little dog doesn't work well when said dog will urinate like a cross between a fire house and graceful fountain if touched... and with no doggy stairs, it's an upside down table. Enough said.) Now at this point, a parent MUST be upstairs, or the game becomes something different. It turns into more of ransack and hide. So a parent and a boy are in the room, boy is laying on pillows, thumb in mouth. Usually the parent will sit on the bed, or lay down and pretend to "seep". Thats when it happens. Like the first little chirp of a bird in the morning, its:


The parent then holds Sully's hands, arms or chest and helps him jump up and down for as long as they can before their limbs fall off. Sometimes its more fun to dup in front of the mirror. It's like double the dup for half the work. Dupping can also take place in the crib or on a couch. Sometimes even in a bathtub. Never on a table. While dupping is taking place, Sully giggles like a little schoolgirl and has the biggest grin ever. It's clear he was meant to dup.

The second activity that is mucho mucho fun is "pia-yo?" That would be playdoh, for the uninitiated. He asks for it the second you go in his room in the morning, and asks for it at least once an hour the rest of the day. I keep it and all playdoh accessories in the linen closet, on the bottom shelf. He knows right where it is. When you open the door though, he lets out this VERY excited gasp as if he never knew such bounty existed! Then its all about choosing which colors to play with. Usually its pink and brown, which are referred to as "gween" and "gween"... Which is funny, because he never really wants to play with green.

I like playing with playdoh too. It reminds me of when I was little and would have KILLED to have even one tub of playdoh. I blame my lack of ability to do anything creative with playdoh or legos on the fact that no one would buy me any. So while Sully is busily playing with all the playdoh toys and holding one ball of playdoh in a fist, I'm busy rolling. First I have to break all the tubs of playdoh down and roll them into a whole army of balls. He likes have his playdoh in a sphere, or in the shape of a butterfly (which is a butt-fye, did you know?)... Once I'm done helping his Majesty, I end up stealing back all of one color. Then I roll it flat with a little tube. Yep. Thats all I do. Over and over. How dull is that? Oh well. I tried making a dog yesterday. That didn't go so well.

He's also been eating hotdogs for breakfast for the past two days. His favorite food is ketchup (cottie), but he needs something to eat it with... his choices are nuggets or hotdogs (occos).

Like I said, kids are funny.


Chris said...

I love playdoh. I think it's the smell. It takes me back a couple decades.

Jodi said...

Michael has been doing the same thing w/ food, fixating on one thing. For him, right now, it's "honey cookies," which are honey flavored rice cakes. How odd!

Jimmy said...

... Your kid sounds like a furby...