27 July 2007

Soap Operas

When I was growing up, my mom watched soap operas. All the CBS ones. Guiding Light, Bold and the Beautiful, Young and the Restless... I have vague memories of watching them with her, but rarely knew what was going on. Through the years I've seen glimpses of them, like if I turn the tv on. I think I briefly watched them in our little red house, because we didn't have cable and I had nothing to do all day while Caayn was working.

Soaps are NOT my thing. If you know me, you know I am really anti-drama. In particular, teen drama or things like that. I just hate it. Drives me utterly bonkers. And that is really what soaps are now.

Sometimes Sully turns the tv on in the morning, but since he doesn't know how to turn on the cable, he ends up with the CBS soaps. I think its fun to peek in and see all the familiar faces... Victor, Nicky, Victoria and Nicholas (I always thought it was funny that they did that). But I've noticed that mixed in with the aging faces from my youth, there are a LOT more teen things. It makes sense, these shows are ever-lasting, and to keep going, they need to produce and grow and age, otherwise when the old guys die, there won't be a show. I remember when the black guy (don't remember his name, but the guy who reminds me of Deacon from King of Queens) found out about his daughter, Lily.... when she first came to stay with him... Now she's all grown up. That's so weird. I only mention that one in particular because I happened to see a scene with them.

Funny stuff.

I also think its funny that people make a big deal about shows lasting 10 years or a long time like that (Friends... Everybody Loves Ray...) but some of these soaps have been going for WAY longer. It's just silly.


Phoenix said...

I'm not into soaps either. Especially the weird ones....Passions. My friend loves that crap and I just don't get it. That one has got to be the weirdest.