01 July 2007

Now What?

As I have said before, in our household, if its not one thing its something else.

So on Friday, our dishwasher broke. As in, it out of the blue decided it wouldn't start when you turned the knob to start the cycle. Weird. Housing came out, took it apart and said, "Hmm. It's this tiny piece that broke off. You need a new dishwasher." Joy. The appliance guy is coming out in the morning to take a look and make sure that we really do need a new one. (We do--I don't wash dishes by hand anymore... I did that every day in the little red house, and once we moved on base, I said no to hand washing. So needless to say, dishes are neatly stacked waiting to be washed. In a dishwasher.)

Tonight, at 10pm sharp, our water went out. What? I'm not even sure what happened. Really annoying. I'm pregnant. The only thing I drink is tap water, since I have trouble drinking enough liquids as is and water is the best thing for you. (Let me take this point in time to say: OMG I am so sick of water. YUCK. I think if I could, I would just wallow in any other kind of beverage...) And while this normally wouldn't bother me, several key things are empty. Mainly, my big orange cup and the bottles of water upstairs for mid night gulping. I'm sending Caayn to get me bottled water, lol... which he'll need for shaving and teeth brushing if the water isn't on in the morning. I called Housing, but it was busy, which leads one to believe several other folks have discovered their water is out. Interesting.

Life is anything but dull around these parts.