25 July 2007

16 weeks and counting

OOooh.... Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction = not fun!!

Starting last night and apparently continuing into today, the joints in my pelvic bones are achy, burning, pulsy... No way to relieve it other than to kind of push on it (which really hurts like a motherhumper) and rock and say, "OWWWW!" while breathing like you are having a contraction, lol. There is pain there every day, but it usually is worse when I try to move my legs... this is icky pain while not moving. This guy is going to be worth the roughly 7 months of pain he will have put me through! Now, as long as I can keep out of a wheelchair, haha. But he will definitely be the last. I may have relatively easy pregnancies, but this pain trumps.

Sometimes I can see him. Kandy is right, I think he is going to look like me. It's hard to say though. Sully looks like all the children do in my family: button nose, big curious brown eyes, light golden brown hair that curls all over. But at birth and for about 3 months after, he looked like Caayn.

Anniversary is coming up. August 1st. It apparently is coinciding with a generation, so he'll be working 12 hour shifts that week. Joy. We'll probably go to Paradiso for Mexican food, where I'll get a horrid tasting non-alcoholic margarita (I had raspberry last time, and I swear it tasted like a public bathroom stall--that sanitizer stuff used to keep them 'fresh'? Even Sully wouldn't drink it, lol) and take a sip off of Caayn's better tasting one. Oh right, forgot to say we'll have been handfasted for 4 years. Traditionally a handfasting is for a set length of time, like a year and a day or until the couple agrees its done, but if I remember correctly ours was until our souls part. I don't remember... would have to look through the notes. It's funny too because usually we also celebrate June 1st as the day we met, but neither of us are sure. The party I brought him to was supposed to be a Cinco de Mayo party, LOL... although that may have been an excuse for the house to throw a party with some Mexican food. We've also known each other for 4 years. It's crazy the difference 4 years makes.

Hmm. I'd better get up. I just noticed that Caayn's wallet is sitting on the desk in front of me. I should probably go give him a call.


Phoenix said...

Try Mango. I don't know how it would be without the alchohol, but it may be better than the rasberry one. Sweeter, like a smoothie maybe?

Leigh said...

Sooo sorry about your pelvic bone pain - OWWW is right! I can't imagine. I hope it doesn't continue thorughout your pregnancy.
Happy Anniversary (a bit early). We had handfasting as part of our wedding ceremony too. :)
Looking forward to staying posted on your growing baby and belly.