05 July 2007

Sully's Hopped Up

Sully had his favorite day ever yesterday. He saw hundreds of fireworks and was wonderfully ecstatic each time. He learned the word firework and the word Jimmy, although he was confused at first and thought the one was the other. And he stayed up until 12:30am on purpose!

It took some persuading to get Caayn to agree to go, but by the time we got there, he was in the spirit, hehe. He's a typical Cancer, very homebody and generally happy when its just the family. I was very glad we went. We don't really get out much and it was fun being with other people. (I'm sure they thought I was boring, lol... I've never been very fun at parties--I'm pretty shy so I tend to not talk much and I sort of hung out with Sully the whole time, but I still had a blast.) Plus I got to meet Chad and Jenn, who I previously only knew on WoW through Jimmy. They're pretty funny.

On a pregnancy note... 21 weeks now. I've been having Braxton-Hicks on and off since Tuesday. They were pretty bad that night, a little painful even. Fun, fun. I also can no longer see things that I should be able to. Ugh.

I'm always living a little in the future now... looking forward to when the baby is here, but also really really looking forward to having my old body back. I want to recognize myself in photos again. I want to be skinny and have black hair and fit into shirts I put away ages ago because my belly was always just a little too flabby for... I'm excited! And just think, I'll be in PA in June of next year... I won't be pregnant... I can FINALLY get a new tattoo! Yipee! This gives me a little under a year to decide what it is I actually want. So many ideas, so much indecision. (I get paralyzed with this decision--what if I some day come up with a better tattoo, but I already have on in the place I want that one!) I still want one with Achilles' foot prints.

Hmm... Sully just dropped the fbomb... okay like 5 times. I'd better go see what he's cussing about!