31 July 2007

Bit o' This, Bit o' That

My military ID expires soon. YAY! I can finally replace it with a new one.. with a less zombie-like photo. (I swear the woman told me not to smile and when people say that to you, especially when are a newlywed who is standing near their spouse, it's not possible...) So after getting all dolled up, we troop down to the Pride building, only to discover that the program is down and that they can't issue ids. Boo. Go figure!

Plus, today Jimmy is being promoted to Staff and I really want to go to the ceremony... but when I called the lady who used to watch Sully, she had an appt at the same time. So I dunno if I'll get to go or not. I'm making Caayn go, even though he rarely goes to promotion ceremonies. I have to call him in a few minutes and see what the plan is. (And I'll have to come up with more plans to do things, so that Sully gets watched by Ally more often, and then maybe she can watch him while I'm doing the whole labor and birth thing.)

Caayn also found out that last year, when he tested for Staff and failed, that he was actually only like 15 points from the cut-off. Which is really good, considering he hadn't studied at all. I've got all my limbs and appendages crossed hoping that he makes it this year. We should fin out some time in August.

I've been having really long, convoluted dreams lately. The other night I had one that involved Mike Rowe and me basically stalking him... it also had a girl from school I used to know in it... was very funny. This morning there was something about humans being removed from the earth and robots taking over. Lots of hiding and robot raids and really strange things. (Also lots of things from my childhood, like we went into a woman's house, and she had the side tables I have, plus the coffee table that is now lost, and an afghan a family member had crocheted for my mom... lots of various things like that.)

I'm craving yellow cake with lots and lots of chocolate frosting. Not sure if I should try and buy one or make it myself. Not sure anyone would make it the exact way I want it.

One last tidbit. We are FINALLY getting a -real- bookstore! When we moved here, I was sad to discover all we had were the little Waldens and B.Dalton in the mall. But they are currently building a Barnes and Noble! YIPEE!! I wish this was something they had done earlier... I would love love love to work at a bookstore, and I would totally be putting in like one hundred apps, except this baby is going to be here and all... so... probably not. I'll definitely be leaving the kids with Caayn though so I can go ogle. There's few things as fun as spending hours in a book store, looking at all the titles and subjects and the people... Unfortunately, Caayn doesn't agree. He gets antsy if I dawdle (umm, which is bad for him since I am the queen of dawdling) for ages with nothing in particular that I'm looking for. So I am totally scheduling myself a date with the store when it opens. No kids, no husband, just me and lots and lots of books. Sounds like fun to me.