16 July 2007

My New Hairs

Yeah, only a pic of the back of my head for the "before" picture... I was gonna show a front one too, but hey, I look frightening without makeup. Hmm. Apparently if you get a picture of me head on, I have a tendency to make a squinty eye. And disregard the fact my makeup is actually coming off in the last picture... it was 11pm when those were taken.

I'm very happy I cut the hair. I feel much better now. We went out and bought girl stuff too... like a flat iron and mousse and more makeup. Poor Caayn. He always gets dragged along on these sorts of trips because I have no girl friends.

And for the record, I would have gone a LOT shorter... I was gonna do like 2 inches long all around, but the hairdresser lady said that wouldn't be a good idea, lol. And while that was an okay style for me at 15, when I was all punk and drunk and crazy, it probably wouldn't have looked as good on me as a 21 year old mama. Plus, now you can actually see all those highlights I got a couple weeks ago! So I'm satisfied. I think it'll look even better tomorrow, after I wash it and blow dry it and play with it.


daisy said...

It looks really nice.

Jess said...

It looks great!

Momma_Phoenix said...

Thanks guys! :) I'm really loving it and I think it looks much better now.

Leigh said...

Very cute! I love short cuts! And by the way...I have a squinty eye too! :)