01 September 2007

Can I Have My Husband Back?!

Two things to write about. Just to let you know.

First of all, Sully's bunk bed arrived. He was totally over the moon about it, and spent the rest of yesterday going up and down the ladder. And we're pretty sure he spent his whole nap time playing in the room (ladder off the bunk, of course). Night time went over well, for the most part. He did hit some bumps around 4am, but then it was smooth sailing again. He came to wake me up bright and early (8:30ish?). I took pictures... but like the pictures of Achilles swimming, they have yet to make it to the computer. :P

Second. This is gonna be long. So Caayn was looking at a really awesome, much anticipated 4 day weekend. Friday was an ACC family day and Monday is, of course, Labor Day. Thursday night, about 20 minutes after we went to bed, he gets a phone call. All the day shift from his shop have to go to work. Immediately. So, after no sleep, he went to work from midnight until 7am. (Oh yeah, and to top it off, he had a huge lunch at 4pm on Thursday, and so didn't have dinner--so he was up all that time with no food...) Came home, crashed until 11ish, when the bunk bed got delivered/set up... Then we had to do our car registration. Later that night, around 8? he gets a second phone call. I heard something about, "8:45? Yes sir." and shuddered. I didn't want to think he had to go in. Again. After no sleep. Instead, it was a briefing sort of thing, for this morning. He came home around 9:30 to tell me he has to go to work. Very not "4 day weekend".

Is it really petty to say that I just want my husband home? Yeah, I'm lucky that he isn't deployed and all, but still... I want a weekend with him. Especially considering Tuesday they start working 12 hour shifts again. GAH!!!

And to end this on a sort of silly note... I see things out of the corner of my eye all the time. Shooting things, black or white, zipping around. Sometimes I see things crawling on the wall or on the floor. Nothing is ever there. Coincidentally I noticed that I stopped seeing these things after a few days on Zoloft. I'm not sure if those are connected, but I am kind of glad it stopped. It was getting ridiculous. So yesterday we're all sitting on Sully's big boy bed (which he says gleefully) and I saw 10-20 tiny glittery things flying all over the place--in front of me. Not out of the corner of my eye. It was very strange. Caayn probably thought I was nuts, since there definitely wasn't anything there... but yeah. Very strange, very silly. Hopefully there is not much more of THAT. It's bad enough I keep doing that jumpy-twitch thing while sleeping. (Ya know where your body kind of jerks and you wake up?) I've been doing that a lot every night. In fact, before I got off the couch, I was almost dozing and I definitely twitched and yelled something, because Sully started laughing at me. Gee, thanks kid. LOL. So yep. Lots of silliness abounds over here.

Oh and one last thing. So we shopped around for a comforter set for the bottom bunk (no point in getting the top bunk set up yet since no one will be using it for 2 or 3 more years)... I'm picky about this. I don't really want a cartoony one, unless it was Blues Clues. However, I came across this bed set online... OMG. It is so adorable. I love it. I want to buy it for the bottom AND top bunk, lol, AND the crib set.... Heck, if it came in king, I would totally put it on my bed. Caayn is iffy on it. It's $70 for the quilt and two pillow cases. I'm in love. Since we were hesitantly thinking of getting it, we bought navy blue sheets for his bunk. Mostly because we couldn't use white--he's still in diapers, and he drinks a boatload every night. Too much possibility of white sheets being stained, either by leaks from the diaper or when we really get the potty training thing going.