05 June 2007

Baby Goodness

Sometimes the realization that we are having a baby hits me in the head. I am going to be able to say "my children" or "I'm the mother of 2". That's just weird. I can't even picture what this is going to be like, or how Sully will react. It's too mind-boggling. Although, I think I felt this way before Sully was born too. It's even more weird that I'll be 21 (or 22, depending on when in November this kid is born) and will have 2 children. On purpose. It's not like either of these were accidents or pill 'malfunction' or anything like that. Eeks.

Sully is hairy now. When he was born, he had that baby fuzz that they have while still inside... his little ears had hair on the tops (I used to jokingly call him my little puppy, lol) and hair on his back and arms... It was cute. Now he has real hair! His plump legs and little arms have real fuzz. His cheeks have peach fuzz. I love to just look at him and see the minute little changes like this. He's becoming a big kid.

He's afraid of things outside. We were on the patio while Caayn was mowing the grass. I was attempting to weed our little rock patch thingy. A dead leaf skittered around on the cement in the wind, and it set Sully off like a rocket! He started screaming and howling and jumped onto my lap quicker than a blink of an eye. It was crazy. Even after he stopped looking at it, if the wind picked up and he heard it, he would jump and scream. How funny! We eventually had to go in the house because it just came too close to us. (We abandoned his measuring spoons, but when he saw the leaf going near them through the door, he screamed at me to get them, lol.) And now he's freaked out about ants, which normally he likes, and butterflies...

Yesterday we went on a long walk. We saw one of those little plastic playhouses that some folks have. He called it a farm. (He also recoginizes the farm on the tub of butter.) He chased a squirrel through 2 people's front yards and then got scared when it ran up a tree--he didn't like the scrabbling noises the claws made on the bark. We went to the park. He can climb up all the equipment by himself, including the little metal curved ladder. It's madness. We watched a cat drive itself crazy chasing dakrats and birds.

He also loves Rachael Ray. She's been his favorite tv person since he was probably like 10 months old. I always have the Food Network on, because I love me some tasty foods. He heard someone call her Rach, so now he says, "There's Rach!" And tells us what color shirt she is wearing. He also learned how to say Michael (Easy Entertaining, I don't know how to spell his last name off-hand), which he then got confused with "my cup".

And now that Sully isn't sick anymore, he's a bundle of charm. I'm not sure if it was mentioned here or not, but he had a really nasty bacterial upper respitory infection and was just icky... but now he's doing good. I can't remember him acting this funny before he got sick, so I'm wondering if perhaps this is more of his personality coming through. I hope so, because he's a lot of fun to be around.

Oh, and one more joyous Sully tidbit. He has learned about butterfly kisses. A long while back we taught him eskimo kisses, which he used to say "Es-kisk-ka-mo kisses" and would usually take a full 30 seconds to get spit out of his mouth. Now he just calls them eskimos. Butterfly kisses are even better than that, though. First of all, they have the word butterfly in them. And second, they tickle.

I need some good vibes headed our way--Caayn's birthday is coming up soon (21st) and I'm really hoping we can find out the baby's gender around then. So if I could get some crossed fingers or something, that would rock. :D