08 June 2007

Midwives, Baby Kicks and Houses

Made my midwife appointment this morning. Apparently we finally have a new midwife on board. The whole town used to only have two, but one left to go elsewhere in the state leaving us with just one to bear the load (and let me tell you, I'm sure her load was huge because a lot of women are wanting a midwife out of the selection we have)... but when I made the appt the receptionist let me know I could meet the new one, since they are working together. Apparently I will be alternating between the two of them for my appts from here on out, that way I will be completely familiar with them both come birthing time. I go next Friday (which means next friday you'll get a whole 'nother post about this).

I felt the baby move the other day. It was like at 4 in the morning, and POP! there it was. I think I felt it awhile back too, it was like a double kick... But considering I'm not feeling it all the time, I think they are both quite likely to be the real thing. (Generally us mamas know the difference, it's just that internal self going, "Ahh! There you are, bean!") I forgot how many weeks along I am... 17 or maybe 18 this weekend. Family always asks how I'm doing... I hate that question. We always just say, "A little tired, a little sore, but good." Because no one wants to hear about how I'm in pain a great deal of the day, walking is always a not so fun chore. My mom is the only one I'm truthful to, because she knows. She understands and remembers that this was why we nearly didn't have another baby. Plus, I can joyfully tell her about how huge my boobs are and she'll just laugh and not be like, "OMG, why is she telling me this? Eww!" It's good having a mom you can share with. I suspect I could be this open with my mother in law too, but since its always Caayn who talks to her on the phone, it's a little hard. I can't wait until we live closer. My in-laws ROCK. I love them.

So out of curiosity, I was surfing ReMax for houses in Lewes and in Dover, PA.. (OOOH YAY! Billy Idol is on the radio!!) I found my house. I want it. NOW. It was built in 1850. It's surrounded by the gorgeous PA greenery, that I just know will look awesome even in the dead of winter. And the selling feature? It has dog runs. Caayn and I are very serious about opening a dog kennel once we're done with military life and the kids are old enough to understand about dog safety and such. (I'm totally going to do a discount for greyhounds too, haha.) *sigh* I don't think I can have it though. Not when I'm still too loving military life. I'm excited for Caayn to cross-train... if we get base of preference, we're going to head to Dover, DE, which is in a state we'd like to live in and close to family. But still, thats a nice house. *drool*