14 June 2007

New Camera!

YAY! We finally did it. We bought a digital camera. And not some POS like we did two years ago, that took both crappy pictures and broke after about 6 months. We got the Nikon D40. So, needless to say I'm excited, Caayn's excited, heck, even Sully is excited. Caayn turned me onto photography, taught me the basics enough so that I can take a roll of photos and not end up with half that are tossed out. (I was known for this for like five years, and it was annoying.)

What does this mean for the readers? Be prepared to see lots and lots of pictures! I finally have the opportunity to take as many as I can of Achilles, who is black, and thus is hard to get a photo of him that isn't totally terrible because of how shiny he is. And I can also share how huge my belly is getting. Well, maybe not, but I can share with family who want to see. And some of both Caayn and I, neither of who end up in front of the camera very often. (So true--I have a huge photo album, a real one not a computer one, almost totally comprised of Sully pics.)

WHEEE! And it's so cute. I like digital cameras that look like real film cameras. Mostly because, like Caayn, I have a fair amount of disdain for digital. I prefer having real photographs in my hand, being seen for the very first time. The thrill of getting a roll back from the photo center and rushing to the car to see how things turned out? You just can't get that with digital. Yeah, yeah, I know you can still get real photos done, but it's just not the same.

Maybe this time we'll actually get more than 2 pictures of the baby in the hospital... hehe. Shame on us. How we only got two, when I have like 6 of my freshly stapled incision, I'll never know. Heck, I really won't. I was drugged to the gills the whole time I was there. (But hey, I have cool scar pictures. They're so gross and cool. Too bad I won't ever share with anyone!)

Bah, enough of this. I'm going to go take some pictures. Or clean. Hmm. Decisions.