25 June 2007


Whenever I get a mosquito bite, the first thing I wish was that I still smoked. Nothing makes the itch go away like holding a lit cigarette over it... Caayn always thinks I'm crazy, but seriously, I'm not. I'm sort of allergic to mosquito bites, in that they usually get really big, itch for over a week and even when they go away, they leave a little dark circle. So anything to deal with the itch is good.

Oh, and apparently I has tasty bloods, 'cause I can go outside for one minute and come back in with a bite. Argh.

Yes, this is me trying not to think about the fact that on Friday I will hopefully be seeing my tiny baby. Who just happened to let Caayn feel it kick yesterday morning. In the mornings, I usually am awake much earlier than I actually get up... I like the lounging in bed thing. But now that I'm pregnant, its more exciting. I get to lay there and go into myself, waiting to see if the baby moves. This early, before it is consistently felt outside, its such a secretive thing. Only I can feel it. And the baby is turning out to be like Sully in that it seems to wake up in the morning with me, so I get to be greeted with kicks. It's really nice. I think on Wednesday is when I turn 20 weeks... ooh... Now, to find the orange paint I want to use on the walls... and maybe, just maybe take a peek at the baby name list. Yuck. Why can't they just come out pre-named?