11 June 2007

I Wish I Could!

I didn't call the vet this morning, because Achilles seems much much better. Apparently my epsom salts baths did the trick. Silly dog!

I'm in a jam here. There is something that I totally want to blog about, because it's hilarious, but I'm not allowed to. Suffice to say, I'd tell you if I could, and there would be much mind-boggling and probably much laughter... However, since I can't share, feel free to make up funny stories in your head. (It's funnier that way, because you have no clue what it is and so would make up much more situations in which funny things happen.) I did do the next best thing though; I called my mom. Everyone should have someone they can turn to with anything and have them listen with a non-judgemental ear. She's it. But still. I wish I could share!

In the meantime, I will think of something I can share, since this would be a sad entry if it was only to be about something that I can't share!

Hmm. Okay, here we go. I love cooking. In particular, I love making breakfast. French toast was the very first thing I learned how to make when I was little. I love it. Scrambling the eggs brings me right back to when I was a tiny girl sitting on the counter, watching my mom whip the eggs neatly in a bowl. Whisk? No way, we use forks. (Silly, actually, because yesterday I accidently grabbed the whisk and made a huge mess of my eggs. Oops.) I love making pancakes too. Many of my memories of my dad aren't good, but he was the Pancake King. Every single one was the perfect golden brown color, perfect size, and very delicious. We had them every weekend (or, well, I assume they did, since they did the weekends when I was there). On a side note, I just recently started making my bacon in the oven, rather than in a skillet. OMG. It makes a world of difference. If you have never tried it, go for it. Lay a cooling rack inside of a cookie sheet (I lay down tin foil in between, to catch the grease, since that is pretty messy) and lay the bacon top to bottom, not sideways. Oven at 350 and just keep an eye on it. YUM YUM. Much better than dealing with oil burns from splattering grease.

Now I want some bacon. :P

Also! If you ever find yourself at Avila Beach, CA and are hungry, I think you should visit Fat Cats. It's a cafe outside the Port San Luis pier... It's the best food, and best scenery. The best place to sit is the outside patio, in the back. At night, they turn on these heater-lamp things, and sometimes you can hear the seals... It's wonderful. Oh, and the name isn't just a name.. Inside the cafe, there are tons of bulletin boards plastered with photos of people's fat cats. :D Genius.