12 June 2007

Setting the Record Straight on Greyhounds

Let's get this straight. Greyhounds are good dogs, no matter what they do or did or where they came from. People who are Greyhound fanatics are usually highly opinonated about many things, including racing.

I don't have a problem with Greyhound racing. They have been bred for thousands of years to run, which is why they have the paws and legs they do, the deep chest they do. They are meant to run and do so with much glee, speed and grace. When you see a Greyhound run, you know they are delighted. And most states that allow racing to take place, no longer allow the tracks to have dogs put down simply because their career is over.

Greyhound adoptions are a noble thing, yes, but not anymore so than any other kind of adoption. Adopting a pet from a shelter is taking an animal in need into your home. All animals in all shelters are in need of loving families.

Buying a Greyhound puppy from a breeder or pet store is not shameful. They are in need of homes just as much as any other pet. (This is something I come across a lot, this idea that Greyhound puppies should never be bought, because there are older Greyhounds who need a home more.) It begs the question, if the Greyhound puppy isn't bought, what happens to it? It's almost like saying greyhound racing is good, simply because those dogs are better. (You usually get this mentality from those who strongly oppose racing.)

Last, but not least, Greyhounds are one of the best breeds around! They can be anything to anyone. They look good in any photograph, any pose, any light. They snuggle better than any dog, because they appreciate a good sofa (or bed, or pillow). They look like total dorks when chasing their tails, mostly because they do it funny. And they know how to cheer anyone up, no matter the mood. If you have never met a Greyhound, you should. They rock.