02 November 2007

All Sorts

Beware, I may be about to discuss one of the grosser things about pregnancy. And when I say "may", I mean I will be.

Hmm. Okay, I'm done waiting for any of those with sensitive eyes to casually scroll down.

So I definitely lost my whole mucus plug today. Yep. That was pretty darn gross. I didn't lose it with Sully, so I wasn't really too sure what to expect. Umm, yeah, it's basically what you'd think upon hearing that phrase, but still. Gross.

I know this doesn't really mean a whole awful lot in relation to labor and all that, but I can't help but get a little more excited. After all, I am 38 weeks today. And I'm finally getting more contractions again. So yay! Hopefully there will be a nice result here soon!

Went to the driver's license place today. Stood in line for like an hour. That is just miserable to do to a very pregnant woman. Standing absolutely still makes my lower back muscles get all squished and pinchy feeling. Not to mention my swollen feet. I think the most amusing part was when I unwound the strap for my bag off one hand to switch over, and discovered that the one hand was -super- swollen and splotchy and white... Apparently it wasn't good to cut off circulation. I kept sneaking glances around to make sure no one saw that, I'm sure someone would have thought I was diseased, lol. The new picture on my id isn't bad, surprisingly, but I will definitely miss the old one.

Sully got his first "real" hair cut today. Took him to get a cut with Caayn. He was so amazingly good. Not a single squeal out of him. And the lady did REALLY good on Caayn's hair, so I told him he has to make sure he gets her again next time. (I'm always so picky about his hair, since he doesn't really care one way or the other. Kinda silly, but hey, its what I do.)

AND my-inlaws sent birthday cards. :) My family doesn't do the card thing, not sure why. I do, not as much as I used to though. For a couple of years I was sending $32 worth of cards out for every holiday. So it's always really special to me to get cards from them. And I was able to get a boppy and some hangers for Mr. L. YIPEE! Caayn was boggled about the boppy--a $34 dollar pillow that was sewn into a half circle. Eh, what can I say? I'm hoping to prevent those sore shoulders and neck that I got last time trying to nurse.

I thought of a positive bit on Caayn going to ALS. He's gonna wear his blues (not sure if he wears them the whole time though)... and you know what? He is damn hot in those things. I have this weird thing about young guys wearing old style sort of stuff, like I dunno, white boxers and black socks, suspenders, etc. Well, the blue shirt they wear makes me think of that sort of thing. It's nice. :D Not that he doesn't look delicious in his regular BDUs. I'll be sad when they switch over to the new style--they look so yucky. Hahaha, it's nice to be a military wife! I imagine it's pretty similar to being a fireman's wife. *cough* Okay, now that I've gone all nutso on my husband...

Oops! Caayn is leveling a new character on WoW, a blood elf mage, and I was watching him (blood elves are my favorite to level up, and I already have a mage)... apparently I was also holding down the space bar. Hehe, thought I lost my post.

Anyway, this momma is worn out, and itchy. I nearly forgot about that, since I started getting the itchy belly a lot sooner with Sully, but it caught up with me. More water and lotion... hopefully that will help. So now I'm gonna go find my greyhound and see if I can't coax him to come lay on the couch with me (assuming, of course, that he isn't there already, hogging my spot on the back pillow thingy). It is really nice to do that when you're this pregnant and aren't capable of much else. My poor legs and back are all messed up--if I move too fast my legs shake so hard I feel like I might fall over. Yuck! Yes, I think cozying up with a dog will cure that right up. (And I can't help but picture Athena get cozied up too! I hope her and Achilles get along well!)