05 November 2007

Midwife Update

Here's the dirt on my midwife appointment today.

I weighed 170 (I *think* I'm now 25 lbs over my top weight of Sully's pregnancy!), my blood pressure was 120/80 and Mr. L's heart rate was in the 140s. Yes, I keep track of this stuff on the calender, and did so with Sully too! It's kind of fun to see how things go. Hmm, I'm apparently at 41 lbs gained. Oi.

Gloria said she was surprised to see me, that Wendy (second midwife) expected me to go over the weekend. I am still 2 cms dilated, boo, and am now 80% effaced. She attempted to strip my membranes again, but she said that Wendy did a really good job because there was nothing to strip.

Now, because I am going for a VBAC, there's a game we have to play. It's the delicate balance between medical interventions that will either help me achieve this or push me towards a c-section. I'm sort of wary, because I'd prefer NO interventions. (I'm also hoping to have a natural child birth, no pain meds, but this is more of a secondary goal.) She and Wendy are going to meet tomorrow and come up with a decision. Neither of them want me going to date, since Mr. L will just keep growing and possibly diminish my VBAC chance. So they're going to look and see which date would be best for an induction. Boo. Now I'll be waiting for a phone call on that, with an appointment scheduled for Tuesday next week, in case nothing has happened by then.

I'm looking at my options, and there aren't many. I've looked into all the natural induction methods, and most haven't seemed to have much of an effect. GRR. So I'm trying castor oil for the third time, today's dose being much higher than the first two. If this doesn't work, tomorrow I am hitting the gym after Caayn comes home from his first day of ALS. I'll walk on a stupid treadmill until my poor bones won't go any further. (Too cold outside--today it was 32 with a windchill that made the air feel like 17 degrees.)

Baby clothes have been washed and sorted. Funny thing I noticed--apparently I saved a bunch of 0-3 months clothes and also some 6-12 months, but not a single piece of clothing from 3-6 months! Pure silliness. Oh, and we have a total overload of blankets. As in, I think there are about 12 or 13? And I'm sure there will be some more in the mail, hehe! That's okay. I love baby blankets. They're so soft and warm.

Carseat is in the car... how weird is that? Caayn put the washed cover back on and adjusted the shoulder straps down to newborn size... and it looks SO teeny tiny. Like, how can a baby possibly be so small to fit in there? I worry just a bit that I'm going to think Sully is of monstrous proportions and that the baby will seem too small, lol.

Anyway, here's to hoping you don't hear from me for a few days because I'm busy popping a baby out... :D


Anonymous said...

What about the old fashion way of induction? That hasn't worked?

Patience-please said...

I love the picture of Achilles on your profile now, and your new blog look!
Come on baby boy... the waiting. Your package will go out in tomorrow's mail - something else to look forward to, at least. Maybe it will be there waiting for you when you come home with baby!
I'm glad you've been able to maintain a relationship with your mom. Sounds like you've had to be the mom more often than not. That's hard.

Momma Phoenix said...

Thank you! It's one of the best pictures I've ever taken of him.

Yay! Can't wait to get the package! Hopefully my husband will deliver it to me at the hospital, lol.

Yeah, it can be hard. My mom has never really succeeded at being a "mom" she was always better at being a friend. Which has worked well for us these past years.