07 November 2007

Fences and Whippets

Gloria called yesterday morning with the date for my induction. November 16th. My due date. Boo! She said the hospital was booked until then. So while there is still an end in sight, it has not moved any closer. And I've pretty much stopped having contractions. Don't know what that means, but it is a little depressing!

Caayn talked with the Housing office today about our fence situation. Let me give a little background details. Our house is on the "main" street, and a little ways up there is a side street. Our one neighboring house has it's back to us, because they are facing that side street. All the houses around here are duplexes. The second apartment of the house is empty. It was completely flooded, the floors are ruined, etc. Basically, it is unusable. But they do have a good sized backyard free of electrical boxes and trees. So Caayn went in to talk with them, since they denied us a military fence, but we could supposedly use a contracter's fencing. He asked if we could use the backyard of that one house, since it would be ideal for us--its the opposite direction of the boxes and would actually allow us to have a nice yard. The guy couldn't authorize our use of it, but his boss will be in on Friday and Caayn is supposed to go in and talk to him about it. (Keep your fingers crossed--I would LOVE for us to be able to use their yard. Downside--Caayn would have to maintain both our yard and that yard.)

When we initally asked about using an outside fencing company, we were told we could have a kennel sized run. This was further clarified during the meeting today. Apparently we can have any size "kennel" we want, as long as it didn't include those boxes. Good news for the most part, except one big portion of our yard is "fenced" off with a privacy fence thingy... it's a big white fence around our patio, with a door sized opening into the yard. If that fence thing could go, the dogs would have even more running room--otherwise they would have a flat bottomed U shape they could run in. And it wouldn't be more than like 6 feet wide. :P Boo.

So hopefully we'll get this all squared up on Friday and can get our butts in gear putting that fence up. Caayn has not really been interested in this, because it is an awful lot of running around and talking and not getting anywhere, but I keep pushing him. There is no way I am going to bring a 7 month old whippet into my household with a 2 year old and soon to be newborn just in time for winter. No freaking way. It would be like having triplets. No thanks!!

And regarding Ms. Whippet, I called to confirm the 24th again. And to let her know that the date of the dog show she had mentioned last time was wrong (its on the 17th), and to see if there were any other dog events that had been scheduled for the 24th. Apparently there is a lure coursing event somewhere, but she won't be attending--I think she might have dogs entered though. She is such a nice woman. She invited us to come down for Thanksgiving, which I had to decline. Caayn mentioned that Jimmy had invited us, and that would be infinitely more fun than being with a bunch of people I don't know (I'm shy!). So it's still on for the 24th. I like having a solid date. Crap, I need to call the kennel and see if they have an opening for our dogs. We'll be gone possibly up to 20 hours (16 hour round trip, but not sure how long we'll be there, and I'm including stops for diaper changes and breastfeeding), and that is too long to leave our dogs unattended in our house. Plus it will provide an excellent opportunity to have the dogs meet. Our kennel is right by the dog park. So we can have the whippet meet Achilles there, and I forgot the rest of the plan, but somehow we are going to get everyone home and have Artemis meet her here. (Artemis doesn't meet dogs well in public and does much better in our house.)

Pictures were promised again, she said she'd be mailing them to me. Not sure if that is mail mail or email, but sometime soon I'll have some photos of our girl. Yipee!

Oh, and for the record--I don't WANT to give birth on the 16th. That's like a week long recovery before a road trip. Seriously, not enough. So keep sending birthing vibes, hehe, we're hoping he comes sometime soon. My mom said he CAN'T be born on Friday, which is my aunt's birthday, so I'm hoping that is enough to jinx it... Lol.


Patience-please said...

Oooh, I hope you get a good fence. Having a whippet without a fence is often a death sentence for the whippet, or an exhaustion sentence for the whippet servant!
I didn't realize your puppy was 7 months. The collar I sent might be too small. Hmmmm. When you post the photos, I'll see. If need be, I'll send another. That's easy.
What is VBAC? I'm a retired RN, but I never birthed no babies!!! (Except when I worked in the OR, we did the C-Sections there. Thy were so exciting! Beat the heck out of a gall bladder!)
thinking birthing thoughts-

Momma Phoenix said...

Thats exactly my thought on the subject. I got him motivated by saying that if we didn't have a fence, I wasn't going to bring her home. It's just not fair. Once winter kicks in here, walks will become nonexistant--it gets too cold even for humans to be outside long. And without a fence, that is just not fair. (We'll be looking at treadmills before too long--we need some form of exercise for the dogs.)

Okie dokie! Hopefully the photos show up soon, I'm getting anxious! :D

A VBAC is a vaginal birth after cesarean. Drs are supposed to be pushing them because of how high our rate of cesareans are, but they mostly don't. It can be hard finding a dr who will agree to one!