24 November 2007

Athena The Amazing Whippet

Just a quick update... we left at 3am for Minnesota. Caayn managed probably 2 hours of sleep, maybe 3, and I had about 45 minutes. A large amount of red bull and cat naps revived us. We made it to Whippet Woman's house around noon. Her house was so darling--tons of statues of whippets, artwork with whippets, and photographs of her dogs and from the many shows she's been to. She was really quite enjoyable to meet and had lots of good stories to share. She seems like the type of woman who you could just sit with for hours and you'd never ever get bored, just full of interesting stories and knowledge.

Oh My GOSH... Athena is absolutely gorgeous. Just wonderful. Sully asked about her the WHOLE trip out there, and once he saw her, he was in love. He thinks she is just about the coolest thing since ketchup. He pronounces her name Uh-snee-na and was calling her Snee for short, which was pretty funny.

We are also at an interesting point. Whippet Woman was talking about showing and dogs with me, and she was saying how our girl has a really good front as well as the right arch in her back and really great stifles. So it's the decision of do we spay her or do we maybe try some showing. And she said she was willing to let us do one litter with her, which would be really interesting. Not sure how I feel on that one--I know I would keep one of her puppies and we can't do that right now. And having spent so much time learning about whippets while waiting to get her, I've really got interested in the stuff they can do. The show world seems like a really fun place, and there is so much you can do. Plus there is lure coursing, which looks like fun too. Apparently she has really good bloodlines...

Boy, it sucks living in the middle of nowhere. I'd love to be able to spend more time with Whippet Woman and learn more about all of this. She did say that if we do want to check out the dog shows in the area, we are welcome to stay at her place while we're in town.

In other words, I think I have maybe found an interest in something. I always feel so boring because I don't have "fun" hobbies, like scrapbooking or quilting or whatever it is other ladies do... But me and dogs go hand in hand, and to have something I could do would be really fun. I plan on poking around and seeing if it is something I could consider now or if I should wait to really get involved.

Anyway, we are all exhausted and are going to bed. Here's to the first night with whippet snuggles!

(By the way, I see why people end up with tonsof whippets--they are SO SO SO awesome.)

And one last bit--in the few short hours we've had her, we are already seeing her open up and blossom. She was really reserved when we met her, kept her tail tucked and sort of just stayed still... now she is happily jogging around, tail curled out and wagging. She has the best little smile...

Pictures coming forthwith! Just not tonight.