10 November 2007


The sky is blue this morning. That's always a nice thing to wake up to. So often in winter out here the sky stays a blah shade of whitish grey. Our window faces the sunrise, and the light slowly hits our tan curtains. The other morning I saw our curtains turn a lovely shade of pink as the sun came up.

Sully woke up wanting to go outside. I had to say no. Too many things to do first: diaper change, clothes, breakfast... There was a lot of shouting on his end. I was too tired to speak above a normal voice. When I convinced him to come upstairs and see Daddy, I opened the door to see Achilles curled into a tiny ball between my and Caayn's pillows (I forget the proper way to say that). Poor dog. He is really sensitive to raised voices, loud noises, Sully. I, of course, had to get in there and cuddle him to bits. Finding new ways to curl up with him is very nice. His fur is so soft and warm, and the way it lays over his muscle and bones is a delight to the touch. In his intense need for comfort, he ended up with a head on my pillow, nose completely squished sideways into my arm. When I tried to move it, he firmly pressed down with his muzzle, saying, "No thanks, Momma, this is just right."

Sully did calm down, although there were a few moments of near catastrophe where he had feet in my belly-OW- and when he attempted to kick Achilles a couple of times. Grrr. He gets in trouble for that. I don't tolerate bad behavior towards dogs. Even if he repeats me. (As in, I'll tell Achilles to go on, which means quit begging, and then Sully will repeat it... I don't like him saying it because I'm not sure that he understands WHY I say it.)

Still cold out, the houses all have frost on the roofs. I like when the cold seems to sharpen everything outside. Everything looks crystal clear, more defined.

Housing cut down a tree from our neighbor's yard. They cut it into firewood and left it in our backyard. A guy came over when they were done saying that he wants that firewood and that we are to chase off anyone we see near it because he'd be back on Tuesday to pick it up. Seriously? He should have told our neighbors this. With our giant white 'privacy' thingy, we can't even see the pile, whereas they can look out their back door and see it. Not to mention this scary new pile of who-knows-what scares the heck out of Achilles. He spends a good deal of time barking at it. Caayn took him over to see it, and he did the stiff-legged dog stretch and stuttering walk... silly ol' dog. Still doesn't like it though.

Still no baby. Apparently he is going to attempt to hold out for the induction. (Boo.)

Oh and I put the Grinch Who Stole Christmas on our Netflix queue (its here now but we always forget to check the mail for days at a time)... Sully LOVES that book, so I can't wait to see what he thinks of the movie, lol. I wonder if The Lorax ever made it to DVD.