01 November 2007

The No Point Entry

We stayed up until 2am last night, watching the Ghost Hunters Live show in Waverly. That was pretty fun. We love to watch that show, and it was a lot of fun seeing stuff that they would normally cut out. Although, there certainly were a ridiculous amount of commercials. Like over and beyond normal tv. But whatever, still fun.

We had three trick or treaters... This whole daylight savings time being pushed back thing sort of threw me for a loop. We didn't buy any candy (short on funds this month), plus with the noise Artemis sets up each time the door bell is rang, we try to avoid doing it. I felt bad saying we didn't have any candy--with the daylight out, its not like you could rely on the age-old front porch light on or off code.

No baby either, so he is officially a November baby now. The new joke thing is that he will be born tomorrow. Sully was born two days after his month's holiday, I was born 2 days after Halloween, and Caayn's birthday is a Solstice. However, the joke isn't so funny, since tomorrow is my birthday. Ugh. I hate my birthday. It's never been something I enjoyed, and I have trouble adjusting to a new number. Some day I will catch up to whatever age it is I feel in my head. Maybe then I'll start enjoying my day.

I am so tired! We haven't stayed up that late on purpose in a very long time. Sometimes we'll be up until midnight, but that is usually us going to bed at 11pm and me talking to Caayn until midnight. :D Poor guy, it doesn't matter how much conversation we have during the day--as soon as we hit the bed, I end up with like 100 things I remembered that I wanted to tell him. He's a good sport and manages to not fall asleep too often. Hehe!

Mr. L's curtains are up. His room actually looks complete now. Well, it could use some wall art, but I don't feel like busting out the paints and thinking of what to paint. It's not like he's going to notice anyway. I washed a couple outfits, but I'm starting to think I might need to just wash them all, since the weather is decidedly cold now (it did hit like 60 a few times recently). We need to install the carseat base in the van. That's going to be SO weird!! And the back row of seats will have to come out so the stroller can go back there without taking up all the storage space. (Oh and when I say we in this instance, I fully mean Caayn.) Camera battery is charged... here's to hoping that we get more photos than we did last time. I think we had like 3 or 4 pictures, and like 5 of my incision and belly. Freaky looking pictures, but I like to look at them; it's weird to know that they dug around in my guts and that I can only remember bits and pieces of it all. Besides, how often do you get to see a huge incision in your own body with staples stuck in it?!

I also need to call Whippet Woman and arrange a date. I was supposed to call yesterday but forgot and I don't want the week to get away from me without getting a date set to bring the last family member home.

We had the oil changed and tires rotated on the van... apparently our brakes are close to shot. He said we have about 5000 miles left on them, but now I'm all twitchy and want to get them fixed ASAP. I don't like anything being wrong with the car or knowing something might be. Plus that just seems like something that ought to be repaired before we make a long road trip in who knows what kind of weather conditions.

According to Caayn, the Steelers are going to be playing on Monday (we've seen only 2 games this season, and one of those was a pre-season game)... and Monday is one night that we actually watch the prime time shows. Chuck, Heroes and Journeyman (although, I have NO clue whether I like that show or not--the guy sounds too much like Ray Ramano for me to take him seriously)... So that really sucks. I'd rather watch Chuck and then the game, but Caayn likes Heroes a super amount, so we'll probably just watch the shows instead. I like Heroes, but I'm not as hooked as I was last year.

Anyway, enough pointless drivel... I didn't really have anything of importance to say today, I don't think anyway. I can't remember what was at the beginning of this post. (Did I say I had a bad memory?)

Outside smells so good--it's the smell of autumn. Like spices and cookies and pumpkins and leaves and something like wood smoke... Caayn says it's probably the smell of the dropped leaves starting to decay, which is probably true, but I still love it. It's even better than the smell after rain.