14 November 2007

Life With Two

I'm not up to writing out the birth story yet, but thought I'd give a little update.

Caayn was not allowed to quit his class, and my mom ended up not being able to come out either. So guess what? I've been rocking the mom of two thing by myself for, well, today is teh second day. Kind of scary, kind of fun. I think I'll enjoy this more when moving is easier and my jelly belly stops robbing me of my breath.

Lochlan is AWESOME. Except that he sleeps so long feeding is difficult. Like, he prefers to wait 5 hours between feedings rather than 2 or 3 that a normal baby might go. I try to let him lead, because trying to feed a baby who would rather sleep is nigh on impossible. (Seriously, he doesn't even wake up when I change his diaper.) But the moments when he IS awake are pure heaven. Gracious, I don't think there is a cuter baby in the world. I'm totally in love.

Sully is rocking too! He likes Lochlan, rubs his head, gives him kisses, lets me know if he is drooling or crying... And he seems to be keeping his tantrums to a minimum, which is lovely. :) We are watching a lot more tv than usual, but oh well. When he crawls up on the couch to snuggle with me, and I've got Lochlan in my other arm, oh man... My boys! I got my boys and it is perfection.

Caayn is understandably pissed off about having to do the class still. He was looking forward to spending time with all of us, getting to hang out with Lochlan and everything. Luckily next week is a 3 day week so he can spend a little extra time around the house.

The differences between these two births keep astounding me, as well as some of the similarities. Literally everyone has asked me what I think of this recovery vs last time. It's funny to think that I've been home for two nights already, when last time I was still in the hospital. The one strange thing is that they still gave me a 10lb carrying limit... I would have thought I could lift anything, but whatever. And surprisingly I'm not too exhausted. Well, I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but I don't feel tired when it happens. I blame it on Lochlan and his wonderful snuggly warmth that soothes the soul and lets you drift on a cloud of pure bliss. Plus, like I said earlier, he freaking sleeps forever, so it's not like I have been up all night. (Although oddly enough, I laid awake several times last night, unable to fall asleep. Ugh!)

Now that I should be doing some laundry, I'm going to go snuggle with Lochlan some more and read Mama Pajama Tells A Story... I'm almost finished with it. If you love dogs, it is a MUST-READ. If you love Whippets, it's even better! Patience is a wonderful author, she's on my blog roll if you haven't checked her out yet. I was lucky enough to win this copy via a contest she held on her blog, and received it along with martingale set for Athena (when she gets here). I have to send the collar back, it's too small, but its really awesome. I've never held one in my hands before, and I see the brilliance in them now. One of these days, when we recover from the loss of money that comes with having a baby (oops, forgot we need this, oops, we really need that, umm food?), I'm going to buy one for Achilles too.

Birth story sometime soon, I promise.


Leigh said...

What a joy to have your two boys!
That's so crazy (and lucky) that L sleeps so much. Good for a new mama to be able to catch a few weeks.
I'm anxiously awaiting the birth story.
Rest up, mama of two.

Daisys said...

Such a shame that dad can't be home too. Thankfully the boys are making it up to you by being extra good.

Karen said...

I have seen your precious photos and I love to read about a sleeping baby!
Congratulations and much love to you and your family.

marybeth said...

rest, heal, love, relax.


bella said...

Looking forward to hearing the details later.
For now: rest and settle in, wrap yourself and your babes in comfort, and spin the cocoon of these post partum days.

Love to you.

Patience-please said...

Ack! I missed a few days, adn you've gone and had your baby! Congrats! I hope it wasn't too bad (the delivery part) and I hope you are getting some rest and healing time. Oh, it's got to be hard on your own.
Sending you thoughts of comfort and strength-