30 October 2007

Midwife Update

Quick update...

Midwife appt was good. She had a nursing student with her... Generally I'm not a fan, but oh well. He learned what a 37 week baby feels like inside. She said I was the first one this far along he had experience with. I told him to push harder, 'cause seriously, he would never be able to determine baby stuff by light touches.

I am at 165lbs (can't remember what I was last week though), blood pressure was 120/60 and Mr. L's heart was in the high 130s. (It's funny that you can actually know what it is by hearing it--Caayn and I both are good at determining the rate by just listening.) I am now 60% effaced, 2cms dilated... And she did strip my membranes. Please please please let that work... I'd really like for Chris to be around and NOT have to get dumped from his ALS class (which he'd have to if I were to get a c-section)...

Thats it for now!


daisy said...

A Halloween baby would be fun!

bella said...

Sounds like a great update.
Keeping my fingers crossed and wishing you good groovy birth vibes.
however this birth unfolds, you have already exemplified such amazing power. What a woman.