21 September 2007

32 weeks

I could tell my belly grew before I even measured it. It's easy to tell, because all of a sudden I'm whacking my belly button everything. I have to get used to opening doors even wider, making sure I am further away from other things... It sucks. My poor belly button is so sore right now. Last night I whacked it a good one on the little metal latch thingy on the door jam. Right into the side of my scar tissue there (from when I had the umbilical hernia fixed from Sully's pregnancy). OWIE. And it doesn't help that Mr. L seems to think my belly button is the coolest place ever. I think all babies are like this. Once they get to a certain size, they spend a good portion of their day trying to stick a foot out through your navel. I'm usually resting a hand there, with some pressure, to keep it from hurting too bad. Silly kid.

32 weeks today. 8 weeks if I went to Nov 16, which is what my midwife gives me. But I'm not a fan of "due dates". The babies are due whenever they are ready to come out. It also creates too much pressure on a woman, who feels she has to produce by then. It's easier to say that you are due in a certain month, or if you are feeling like it, a particular part of the month (early November, for example).

Caayn thinks Mr. L will make his appearance October 30th. That happens to be my mom's birthday, and 3 days before my own birthday. This is crazy. It's only 5 weeks and 4 days until October 30th. 39 whole days. 39. And my own guess is October 27th. That's actually my special wish, because October 27th happens to be my most favorite day in the whole year. It combines some of my other favorite things. Like my favorite number, 27. My favorite month, October. (Oh, and 2+7=9, which is my other favorite number...) :D But even that day is 36 days away. That just seems so close. And so far away. It's easier to think about the weeks than the number of days. The number of days seems so much smaller.

We're ready though. Babies don't really need much. He has some clothes, some blankets, baby towels... a crib and sheets... Oh, we probably ought to get some socks or something, since it'll be closing in on winter and all, and it seems like baby toes are always so cold. And I'd like to find a store that sells those carseat cover thingies, or even one of those "boots" that goes on the end of the carseat... We didn't use one for Sully, we just covered the whole thing with a blanket. But this time, I'd rather not have to worry about keeping a blanket on there in fierce winds and dealing with a 2 year old. This also means we ought to bust out the baby carseat and give it a good cleaning. And, if I could, I'd totally like to get my hands on a wrap of some sort. Leigh had a picture of her wearing a moby in the coolest way, which definitely piqued my interest in those. And I also really like the mei tais. Not sure if we have the extra money to buy either or both though. We do have a Snuggli, bought for use when we took Sully to PA last time (uh, it was hilarious getting a 2 yr old in one of those, considering they aren't meant for a kid that big--he loved it though and cackled every time he saw it).

Anyway, sorry for all the baby talk. I can't help it, it's really becoming all I think about. I'm so ready to meet this guy in my belly. And I can't wait for Sully to meet him. Because, despite what he says, I think he'll like having a little brother. I'm gonna start drinking my red raspberry leaf tea soon... Yay. I didn't drink it until close to the end with Sully, and at the time I really thought it was just super sour and gross. I'm hoping that it tastes better this time!


Karen said...

I just want to say I'm glad you spoke up over at Cheerio Road. I wondered who my friend in North Dakota was . . . and now I know you a bit.

Take care of yourself,

Leigh said...

I love me some Red Raspberry tea! :)
I totally understand what you mean about the belly button. I've hit it in the exact same way on the door jamb before - OUCH.
I cannot wait for you to meet your new little guy either. You will drown in the sweetness. More pix please? :)
PS Ya gotta get a Moby. They aren't too much...I think $32. But I know how it is when money is tight, though. A great investment, though.