28 September 2007

Happy Birthday!

Update... appointment went good. I gained TWO lbs!!! YIPEE!! And my blood pressure decided to be silly today. It was 104/66. Go figure, it just had to prove me wrong. Gloria suspects Mr. L is facing the correct direction, to the rear rather than sunny side up. She was also happy to hear that I have had the occasional real contraction. She thinks he may be on the small side. Two weeks until next appt, then I get to do the GBS (group B strep) test.

Also, today is the birthday of Snitch's kittens. Today last year, she gave birth to 5 adorable kitten while Caayn and I watched and helped when needed. When I think of labor and birth, I see her pushing those kiddos out. I do miss #3 who was the sweetest little thing ever, we named her Sai. I also miss #4, the only male, who was an orange tabby named Henry. Our friend Jimmy took home
#2, who we had named Grumpy because she had a grouchy face. Her name is Tweak now, and looks like her mama.

I had something else I wanted to write about, but I can't remember what it was.