13 September 2007

A Couple of Pictures

That's my belly in all of its nearly 31 week glory. (Tomorrow is the beginning of 31..)

I learned some things about me while trying to get the perfect shot. My upper arms are HUGE--in one photo, I think there was the beginning of a roll... It's freaky. Also, I have fairly good sized biceps for a girl, thanks to hefting around a 2 year old. I can't wait to have a baby in a carseat--thats where you feel the burn... One last thing about my big ol' belly--I'm in love with the way it looks in unbuttoned jeans (I think it looks hot, but probably not so much to anyone else), and I love the graceful, perky curve it has at the bottom, before turning into a normal body part. And no, I probably won't be showing pictures of THAT any time soon.

And here is the obligatory photo of me wearing jeans. And for the record, those jeans are labeled size 5. :D I got them from Pac Sun. In all fairness though, I bought those at a time when in every single other store, I was buying either a 9 or an 11. I was so stoked that the Pac Sun pants were sized differently that I bought 2 pairs.


Leigh said...

You are one hot mama! I can't even fit into a pair of 5 jeans postpartum. :)
Oh, and I love the BFW book on your dresser. Wonderful stuff in there.

Anonymous said...

if you combine posts: the weatherman would advise to wear undergarments in the snow ;)

jeans are no longer taken for granted with a 31 week tummy. good job and nice pics.

Momma_Phoenix said...

Thank you Leigh! :)

Very good stuff in BFW. I'm combining it with some hypnobirthing techniques for this birth, and I wish I had found it last pregnancy!

Question being, only undergarments in the snow? Or perhaps undergarments on the outside, superhero style? :D