17 September 2007

Exactly How Much Does a Teenage Boy Eat?

Sully loves McDonald's chicken nuggets. In general, the only meat products I can get him to eat are most kinds of chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and the occasional turkey sandwich. So we don't not let him have them. He's too picky for us to say no to.

Normally our McDonald's is like lightning quick. This weekend we were sitting in line, grumbling about how this one guy was taking forever. Turns out he was getting 5 bags of grub. We were shocked. I made a lame joke about catering a party with it (I'm so not funny, it's shameful)... and then the thought hit me. If we were to pull into a fast food joint (or, well, anywhere food is ordered really) in like 13 years, are we going to be pulling $40 or $50 orders? Seriously, I am going to be having two teen boys in my house. How much do those things eat?

Caayn said maybe they wouldn't eat much. Except for the fact that Sully is already taking after his momma. When I was younger, I literally pounded food down. I could eat an entire large pizza by myself. I once out-ate every single family member at Thanksgiving. My gut is the bottomless pit. (My old housemate said that I was like a snake--my belly would get all big after eating, then I'd have to go and digest it all, hehe.) And every night I eat more than Caayn. I have no clue what I'm going to do later in life, when my metabolism takes a decline. Portion sizing? I don't understand...

Right now, Sully is eating his second peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. In about 10 or 20 minutes, he'll probably come up to me with a go-gurt. No, I have to add that he just now asked me for a hot dog instead. So we're working on 2 sandwiches and a hot dog.

Eh, that's okay though. I'm going to be the happiest, proudest momma of boys ever. (I am that happy right now, but I am currently only the happiest, proudest momma of a boy ever.) If I could know I was certain of more boys, I'd be all over having more kids. But this way works too--they'll be bringing their friends over to the house! Yay! Boys I understand, I know them. I was a tomboy. My friends worked on cars, skateboarded, played in bands... I don't know much about girls, hence the excitement about my boys.

Anyway, so that was my thought for the weekend!