19 September 2007

Power Outages

The power went out last night. Argh! After sitting in the dark for awhile, I realized there was a big candle on our dresser and that I have a lighter stashed in the medicine cabinet. (I'm not one of those ex-smokers who can't handle being near a lighter... I seem to collect them even though I haven't bought one in ages.)

But reading by the light of a candle that is like 5 feet away and flickering is sort of hard. I could have kept on, but honestly, I'm not that desperate to read. I set my phone to be the alarm Caayn would need in the morning. Our room was so... quiet... I'm used to lots of noise. We have the baby monitor going all night, since Sully is on a different floor than we are, and also a small fan. The fan is usually for white noise, but not when I'm pregnant. That bad boy is usually pointed right at me. But we didn't have either going... The power came on at 3 something, 5 hours after it went out. Then it went out again. Came back at almost 5. Most of that time I didn't sleep. I have rules about night time, and sleeping confined in a black box isn't one of them. (Maybe some other time I'll write about my silly night time rules.) I also kept thinking about what if Mr. L was here. Although, to be honest, he probably would have slept through it. And it's not like the time where it was below freezing outside and we had no heat. But still. A momma has to wonder and worry.

Luckily Sully didn't wake up, he'd have thrown a fit that his nightlight was out and that we couldn't turn on any other light!

However, right before this all went down, we realized there was a lot of banging coming from the house next door. Which is empty, because the guy moved out. (And left his car behind, which is pretty funny...) So we have new neighbors, who were attempting to move some stuff in. Poor folks. If I were a good citizen, I would have gone over and checked to see if they need anything. Or made Caayn do it. I'm not though. I sort of get spooked when meeting new people. (I suppose you could say I'm shy.)

They do have dogs though. 3 of them. A German Shepherd, some sort of black dog, and a wee thing that looks like a Yorkie. I Can tell ya right now, Achilles is going to be in dog heaven. He likes black dogs, and he looooooves Yorkies. Silly dog.

Funny thing about being pregnant? People are always apologizing to me about a room being cold, or their hands being cold, or the gel being cold. I always answer with, "It's no problem, I'm pregnant. I'm always hot." It takes a lot to make me cold! Silly people.

Last thing, I swear. Sully has hit a new phase. A phase of screaming like a baby. As in, "Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah!" Literally, that is what he is saying. It drives me bonkers. I think he has seen too many baby shows now. And he's been throwing some awful tantrums lately. Those involve him shrieking NO at the top of his lungs. I admit, half the time I am secretly giggling when this happens. He has the funniest voice ever. It's like a higher pitched version of an old smoker who is on the verge of losing their voice. I'm not quite sure how to handle these though. Talking quietly doesn't work, ignoring him doesn't work, holding him doesn't work. He just has to get it out of his system. Then he's all smiles and kisses. Poor Caayn though--working all day and then coming home to a kid who showers him with love and then 10 minutes later is shrieking.

Oh. I lied. Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. My mom gets all super excited about this day, works on her pirate dialect all year. I'm sure she is freaking the customers out right now. I have to make sure not to call her, lol. She's such a loon. (In a good way.)