28 September 2007

Why We Don't Travel

Out of boredom (okay, and trying to keep my mind off this whole whippet thing) I decided to open MapQuest. I figured out the distances to all of our family members. It's actually quite amazing. My data, let me show you it. (*snicker*)

North Dakota to Arizona (my mom) would take 26 hours and is 1699 miles.
North Dakota to Colorado (my bro and cousins) would be 13 hours and 817 miles. (shortest trip)
North Dakota to California (rest of my family) would take 27 hours and 1825 miles...
North Dakota to Pennsylvania (all of Caayn's family) is 24 hours and 1574 miles.
North Dakota to Tennesse (Caayn's bro) would wake 21 hours and 1421 miles.

So yeah. I think it is safe to say all of our family is about as far away as can possibly be. I was pretty shocked to learn Arizona and Tennesse where that far away, since they seem so much closer than Cali and Penn state... When I left California, we made a road trip. We drove from the coast of California all the way to Pennsylvania (we made it as far as Missouri before stopping for a night), and then from PA to North Dakota. Crazy, huh?

Sully had a dentist appointment yesterday, sort of as a check-up to make sure his teeth went back to normal after his fall a few months back. They look great and he has no cavities. We were also told that stopping the thumb sucking is something that we need to start looking at. There's no way I'm attempting that right now. Not when we are about to have a baby. And we were told to push the pacifier for this baby, rather than thumb sucking. I agreed whole heartedly. Pacifiers are easy to get rid of, thumbs not so much.

My midwife appointment is today. It'll probably be same as usual. See how much weight I've gained, pee in a cup, agree that my allergies are the same, confirm my prenatal and happy pill as only scripts I'm on, blood pressure (110/60 most likely, since it never varies from that),
ask if I have any questions, discuss anything the midwife wants to bring up, listen to heart beat and see you in two weeks. 33 weeks today. I probably won't start weekly visits until after my next one.

At least I have stuff to keep my mind busy... Caayn is going to go to the housing office and see what we have to do to get a fence from ND Fencing (they aren't military fences and you have to pay a rental cost each month). YAY! The whole "we're gonna move" thing was apparently just a heat of the moment sort of statement. And I've decided that I am going to teach Achilles proper leash behavior... He's a puller, which would be bad but he weighs so much that it's hard on me to keep him back. (Glad I weigh as much as I do now--a 92lb me would be completely unable to restrain him... heck, I had trouble just opening those glass doors into buildings because of the suction..) We went a couple laps around a portion of our block, also testing my ability to walk that far without holding onto a stroller, lol. He did good, so did I.

As for the whippet thing, the lady has not written back. It's driving me bonkers. I'm going to end up calling, to see if she got my email before too long! I also found out that the little guy has been available for adoption since the beginning of August... which is a long time for a young fella like him to be sitting. I'm wondering if the lady is not responding to anyone or if the dog has some kind of condition that people aren't liking... Oi. If I haven't said it already, I'm now going crazy. At first I was keeping my distance, I didn't want to want him too much because then it would hurt if we got denied... But now I can't. I'm totally stuck on this dog. I wish she'd get back to me so I can take some kind of action--either get over it because he's going elsewhere or start the adoption process. This blankly sitting, not knowing anything, can really drive a person loopy. (Seriously, I check my email like every 10 minutes. Then I check the adoption site to make sure he is still up there.) Help!