16 September 2007

I Dream of Italy

Okay, if you are the sort of person who does not like to hear about other people's dreams, read no further. Caayn thinks I'm a nut for having to get this down, but I really don't want to forget it, which means I have to write it out. Be forewarned--I have vivid dreams and remember lots of detail, meaning this will likely be long!

I went to Italy (it was a place called Tor, oddly enough) and was sitting near a road, looking at these most gorgeous cliffs that backdropped some hotel. Caayn was arriving after me, since he had to take some plane from the Bahamas or something. (Lol.) Loads of people were around, taking pictures and stuff. A little Italian boy wandered up to me, eating ice cream. I kept thinking how utterly wonderful it was and how very very beautiful.

I walked down a path and noticed I was barefoot. Looking around, I noticed most people were wearing flip-flops and was wondering if I would get in trouble, but figured not, because its Italy. I came to a thing sort of like a big pier. On one side, a little ways down the shore, there was a huge cliff with two diving boards set into it. People were jumping off them, and the ocean was full of people; it was a lovely shade of turquoise. I also saw people using a zipline and some sort of weird kayaking sort of zipline.

Caayn showed up and we went to our hotel with Sully. Sully was being really silly. He'd say, "I'm really tired!" and then keel over and giggle. I'm assuming that we stayed the night there, because I feel like this then went to the next day. We wandered to this little backstreet area where there were vendors selling stuff. Caayn bought me a hideous armband/bracelet thing. I think we were looking for a place to eat, because as we passed a bunch of Japanese restuarants, I said that I was afraid to eat at an Italian place because they pronounce their foods differently than we do back home...

Then we were in some soothing building that had these really long (maybe 12 feet?) boxed pools. Like a planter box, filled with water. I got in one and was sort of swimming frog-style, which was really relaxing. I ended up giving birth to Mr. L (whew, I almost wrote out his name..) there, so I get the impression it was sort of like a birth center because there were lots of midwives. Mr. L was absolutely a little baldy, very alert, and full of newborn wiggly goodness. Caayn said he wanted to go home now, since we had the baby and all. I started freaking out about how I would never get to come to Italy ever again if we did and that I just wanted to move here.

So we end up at some lady's house. She apparently is the aunt of some guy Caayn works with (he kept saying it was Doug, and there would be this big impression that the last name Doug was all mafia style and really important, lol)... We stayed there for a little bit, Sully hung out and played with stuff, and there was small talk and baby oogling. Before long though, we decide that we should go. I had finally convinced him to stay in Italy, and that maybe we would travel around.

We're driving down the road (while we were driving I called my mom on my cellphone to tell her that I'd had the baby) and before too long there starts to be really weird things going on. In the distance we could see some sort of building that was all evil, dungeon, style. Everything was wrapped in a purple mist. The fields in front of the building had weird humanoid things shambling around. I screamed and told Caayn to turn around. He did and then before too long we were not in a car. We were on -something- but I don't know what (maybe a unicycle or something like that). There were these creatures that had the shape of an elk, but their faces were skulls and they had tattered purple/gray shrouds. Some of them had glowing apples in their mouths. They'd walk gracefully up to us and say some phrase and try to give us the apple, but you weren't supposed to take it because it was bad. We're going faster and faster trying to get through the orchard-like field to the road up ahead. (No clue if those creatures were good or bad or whatnot...)

After all that, we manage to get back to our hotel. I tell Caayn that I really need to find a mei tai or a moby because we're just carrying Mr. L in our arms. (Also a brief thought of how we don't have a carseat, but that it's Italy and we don't need one, lol.) So this leads to us wandering up and down roads and into buildings. As we're going, the buildings are turning from rural sort of buildings to big cement, square buildings. Some lady says we have to meet some guy, so we're led up all kinds of steps and then left on a building top in the rain.

And that's it.

What I want to remember are the land areas. On the one side was all the cliffsides (all of them were gently rounded, no sharp edges) and then if you looked to a different side, and also when we were driving towards the bad place, there were these gorgeous mountains that were bluish-purple, and there was all kinds of snow on them.

I woke up all blissed out and peaceful. Every time I closed my eyes again, I'd see the cliffs. I wish there was really a place like that in Italy, I'd go there and live the rest of my life there. What beauty.