06 September 2007

The One With The List

I'm feeling braver today. I'm gonna post my list. A lot of things should be marked off, but aren't, because I am definitely going room by room. This just keeps me from doing too much and then walking like a really really old lady for the rest of the day. (And seriously, even though I haven't even hit half the list, my house looks about 75% better! YAY!) Oh, and I'll just go ahead and say it. I have 3 floors in my house; 3 floors of hardwood. Yes, I vacuum the hardwood... I've yet to find something that removes both the dog hair AND crumbs, without having to sweep 3 whole floors. On with the list!

General List

  • vacuum floors
  • swiffer floors
  • clean windows
  • wash curtains
  • clean out toy box
  • throw out trash stuffs
  • hang pictures of Sully
  • clean the dining room table
  • clean stove
  • clean out fridge
  • sweep out the garage
  • get ALL laundry done
  • clean all toilets
  • clean out cat box
  • clean out van/vacuum
  • pick up various things in Mr. L's room
  • open the computers and vacuum
  • tidy up linen closet
  • clean out coat closets
And now for the room by room break down.... Be prepared. There are lots of rooms.

  • clean fridge inside and out
  • clean stove top
  • take everything off counters and scrub 'em
  • clean out drawers, including junk drawer
  • tidy up the cupboards
  • clean microwave
Dining Room Area (includes two computers/desks)
  • vacuum rug
  • clean back doors (glass)
  • pick up toys
  • throw out clutter
  • clean out desk drawers
  • vacuum computers
  • wash table
  • vacuum chairs
  • clean up my comp desk
Living Room
  • vacuum rug
  • vacuum couches
  • vacuum floor
  • swiffer floor
  • pick up toys
  • clean windows/tv screen
  • put movies back in cases
  • tidy bookshelves
  • dust knickknack shelves
  • wash armrests/seat/back of glider
  • dust entertainment center
Hall Areas
  • wash dog bowls
  • vacuum dog rug thingy
  • remove crayon marks from walls
  • vacuum floors
Our Bedroom/Bathroom
  • clean mirrors/window
  • clean out closet
  • vacuum floor
  • tidy up nightstands
  • clean toilet
  • toss expired medicines/vitamins
Upstairs Bathroom
  • clean mirror/sink
  • clean toilet
  • wash floor mat
  • tidy up medicine cabinet/weird storage space over toilet
Mr. L's Room
  • pick up Sully's toys
  • vacuum floor
  • swiffer floor
  • clean windows
  • buy curtains
  • hang up curtains
Sully's Room
  • clean windows
  • remove crayon marks from walls
  • hang up all his clothes/fold them
  • vacuum floor
  • swiffer floor
Sully's Bathroom
  • clean toilet
  • clean mirror/sink
  • give him a fresh towel
  • vacuum floor
Laundry Room
  • do all the laundry
  • clean out the storage shelves
  • vacuum floor
  • toss the old pee-stained yucky dog bed
  • clean window
  • clean cat box
  • peel all the remaining bits of painter's tape
WHEW!! What a list. I'm going about it very sporadically but hey, it works for me. The laundry part is the hardest. I figured rather than start with the clothes and stuff, I would do the stuff I would never get around to. Like the many many pillows that Artemis has peed on (seriously, she has got to be the most irritating dog in the history of the world--Caayn looked at her and she peed on both his pillows, the next day he didn't even look at her, and she peed on them again... Anyone want a dog who barks nonstop at all people, all dogs, all things, sheds copiously amounts of white hair everywhere, and pees when she is nervous or scared or excited? Yowsers.)... I was digressing... So I've been washing pillows... And did you know that is a difficult endeavor? A few of the ones that have been down there for 6+ months were peed on by the devil dog. Abby. They have such a powerful reek that I'm not sure they are salvagable. They might have to get tossed. After the dumb pillows are done, I'll have to do things like various linens (I think they breed in my linen closet, because I swear we have too much), bath mats... I'm gonna have to make a trip to the laundramat too. Our king sized comforter doesn't fit in the washer. Guess whats wrong with it? Artemis peed on it. And I can tell you right now, the first or second night we use it, she'll pee on it again. Happened at least twice since we bought it.

I'm procrastinating. :D

On a more fun side note... Sully is totally becoming a big boy. At 2. This is SO not allowed. In the morning, he sings and talks about his Daddy (who is rarely home by the time he wakes up), staying in his bed until I either tell him to come out or go in there. We change his diaper (hopefully not for too awfully long, since he keeps requesting his "big boy underwear" or "underpants"... stuper cute, as he would say). He picks out the clothes he wants to wear. It's really interesting to see his personality and prefrences come out. Like I never knew that he prefers blue pants. Jeans, shorts, whatever. He has a big stack of things like khakis and whatnot, but he only likes to wear the blue. Very cool! And while we do this, I'm trying to teach him how to put his clothes on... He's not one to take the intiative here, so it's something we are slowly working on. At night time he washes his own hands (not hsi face yet, but we'll get there) and brushes his own teeth... along with attempting to spit in the sink, which is freaking adorable.

He watched Emperor's New Groove last night, for the first time. When I went in his room this morning, he grins and me and says, "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.." like when Kusco (not sure how its actually spelled) saved Pacha from falling and he struts around dancing and singing that... Funny stuff.

And I'm also getting excited for Mr. L to get here. I can finally see our family with two children. Plus, then I get to share his name, lol, rather than refer to him as Mr. L. Although, I gotta say, thats growing on me!

Okay... now I've got to get back to the cleaning. Or at least those pain in my ass pillows.