25 September 2007

Baby Rambling

We've got a date. Caayn starts ALS (airman leadership school) on November 7th. So we're really hoping for a baby who wants to make an early appearance. Caayn had a guess date of October 30th? Well, he changed his mind. It's now October 18th. This is based on something kind of cool.

Sully was born on March 19th. My oldest friend (and first love) was born March 20th. Let's get more detailed. Both of his parents were in the Air Force. And? He was born at the hospital here on our base. (It's no longer a functioning hospital, more of a clinic that we all call the hospital.) How freaky is that?! And Sully missed being born on the 20th by just 55 minutes. Weird!

October 19th happens to be the birthday of Caayn's equivilant of my Josh. Her name is Sarah. I don't know if she was his oldest friend sort of deal, but she was his first love. And? Her parents were in the Air Force. Where was she born? Okinawa, Japan. Now, it is too late for Caayn to get transferred there (although a funny side note is that the first neighbors we out lasted in our old house, they got transferred to Okinawa...) So, it'd be kind of interesting if this dude was born on the 18th, lol. Oh, and one last detail of funniness? Josh joined the military about 3 weeks prior to Caayn, and guess where he went when he was done with tech school. Yokota Air Base, in Japan. Silly weirdness!

If I had to adjust my date from Oct 27th, it would be to the 20th, only because of all that stuff. But I'm still pulling for the 27th. Either way though, the baby would be hopefully healthy. Those dates fall in my 36th and 37th weeks, which are good milestones for babies in utero.

Oh, and tonight our cat learned that she can get to our ceiling. In our kitchen, the cupboards are all attached to each other, and stop about a foot from the ceiling. We don't know how she got up there, but the theory is that she was on the counter, jumped on top of the fridge, and then up the foot, foot 'n a half, to the top of the cupboards. She's since been walking back and forth, peering down on everything. It reminds me of Snoopy doing the vulture thing.

(And on a unrelated note to everything else... so I was casually looking into some whippet rescue sites, mostly to see whats out there and where, when I found a whippet who is up for adoption in Minnesota. After reading his detailed description, I poked Caayn into taking a peek. We're interested... I sent the gal who is fostering him an email, to get more info and stuff. We're kind of excited about this, but are not really getting our hopes up. Adoption processes through rescue groups are lengthy and very detailed; not to mention we have no clue if there are others showing interest or how long he's been available. The one thing I think we have going for us is that we have a greyhound. We know the ins and outs of how to care for sighthounds and their special needs. If I hear anything positive about this, I'll post a picture of him. He's darn cute with a really smart face. Oh, and the downside? He's an 8 hour trip away from us. I should have known better than looking into this stuff right now, lol.)