26 September 2007

No Fence

After the hassle of getting the various companies out to our house to mark their lines, the housing office just sent a guy out to take a peek. Basically, in order to get a fence in your backyard, you have to see where all the power lines are and stuff before they will approve you.

I'm assuming, at this point, that I haven't shown any pics of our backyard that show the giant power boxes set directly in our backyard...

We were denied a fence. We were told that we couldn't move on that premise. We were told that we can make an appeal with a certain guy in Housing... So yeah. They can't take the 4 boxes we have in our backyard out (all housing areas have a large communal type strip of land in the backyards; normally all power boxes go there, rather than like ours, where we get disturbed by any crews)... Caayn is pissed, me too, because seriously, why did they build this area like they did? Our corner is more crammed than any housing corner. We have the other corner house slammed right against ours. I think they didn't plan this bit of street very well, cause we should be a corner house, but aren't.

We'll be fighting this one. We have to have a fence. The greyhound's current situation is a zipline like cord (uh, I accidently did buy a zipline type deal for dogs, but Caayn adapted it for our needs) attached to one of those little metal posts that you hand drill into the ground. Perfectly fine for doing doggy business, but absolutely not fine for stretching his legs out and running. He's gained quite a bit of weight since we moved in, he's hovering between 79 and 80, which is big for a greyhound. Plus, it'd be really nice to have an area where Sully could run without me needing to worry if he's going to try and play with that stuff or try to bolt out into the communal area. (Not that that is too bad, but it's full of dakrat holes that are exactly the size of his feet...)

Ugh. And the part that silly old me is worrying about? We'd have to cover over our beautiful bedroom paint!