07 September 2007

All Pictures

First up is a picture of Achilles... waaay back to when he went swimming at the pool that one day. I wish I had caught a photo of him actually swimming--he would "leap"
through the water and looked very silly. Greyhounds are not nearly as graceful in the water.

Then there is Achilles laying in bed. This was one of the days where he was limping pretty badly and was having forced bedrest. There were pillows mounded up all around him.

Up next is... Sully's new hair cut. Yes. I cut his hair. All those beautiful curls... The downside of those fabulous curls was that the back half of his head was just plain nasty. It was all ratted up and completely tangled. I know it hadn't been actually brushed to tangle-free in at least a couple of weeks. It just wasn't possible to drag a brush through. So now it's short.

Then after he was done monkeying around on his bed, he got in his pajamas and brushed his teeth... don't mind the toilet paper--he was playing in the sink earlier and soaked that entire roll. I'm trying to see if it will be at all usable (not that it matters, since he a-doesn't pee in his toilet yet and b-neither does anyone else).

Here's a picture of the bunkbed....

That's all I've got for now. I should get around to taking another belly shot... I'm 30 weeks today. YAY! It won't be too long now. The weather is getting a wee bit colder. Temps in the 60s now. It's definitely heading towards autumn. Fine by me, autumn and winter are my favorite seasons. (Well, winter out here not as much; weather back home, YES! Winter back home was rain.) Here's to hoping we don't have any snow until after Mr. L is born. Heck, if it started snowing after I got to the hospital, that would be fine. However, I'm not sure that will happen... we usually have snow by Halloween.

Still working on my list... more stuff has been crossed off. I'm taking it super light today, my back is killing me. I need to remember not to bend over so much and to try and squat more. Oh well.

Thank goodness today is Friday!


daisy said...

It's still in the 90's around here. You'll be having snow before you know it.