13 September 2007

Medical Claims

I am studying Medical Claims and Billing. Yep. I got sucked into that whole thing. Surprisingly it is actually kind of fun and is the sort of work that I know I would enjoy doing. (I like filling out forms and dealing paper work, who knows why.)

When I worked at the juice bar, I plowed through lessons like crazy. I think I was turning one in every week or so, sometimes two in a week. That sort of tells you how slow my work was... I think I also read something like 10-15 very long books as well; all in a 6 month period.

I hit the end of one set of lessons right around the time we were moving into this house. When you finished one set, actually when you hit a particular lesson # in a set it would trigger the next set of lessons to be sent out immediately. I was worried about doing that because I wasn't positive they had my new address. So I fired off one of the little student question form thingies asking what to do, and asked for an email confirmation of them changing my address. Never happened. I was a little confused. Whatever.

Yesterday I received my final set of lessons. Totally out of the blue! So apparently they have my new address... Now I've got to drag out 3 other binders, go through my old lessons, so I can catch up before diving in to this new stuff. Of course, all this info is good to have, except for the fact that I won't be able to actually GET a job in this field for a super long time. I have no intentions in sticking a new baby into daycare (even though I love the woman who would do the daycare super lots)... It's a bit of a conundrum. Maybe when Mr. L hits kindegarten (yes, spelled wrong--that's how I pronounce it, and thats how I've spelled it for life... at this point, I'm too lazy to find out the proper spelling).

But it is kind of exciting to think I might actually be hitting the end of my lessons. It's now been two years since I first signed up. Goes to show that signing up for any kind of school work right before having a baby is not such a good idea. Not so much.