12 September 2007

WTF? Weather?

So I was saying something about snow and blah blah blah... I'm not sure I mentioned it here, but I've been heard saying that I think we are going to have a bad, cold, long, winter. Yesterday felt like autumn. It was probably around 57? 60? I dunno. There was a brisk feel to the breeze. I know this because I spent like an hour brushing a second dog out of Artemis's long coat.

Today isn't bad. In fact, it's pleasant. Mid 70s if I had to guess. I've got all my windows open to let some fresh air in. During the winter season, you really miss the fresh air. The windows stay sealed shut for like 8 months. Yucky.

Forecast for tomorrow? High of 48 (was a high off 44 earlier in the day). Low of 30. Chance of snow showers.


Since when is it acceptable anywhere to have snow showers at the beginning of September? Seriously.

Last winter, we had a huge blizzard at the beginning of October. Trees down all of the town, power out for a fair length of time... We ran out of diapers, go figure. And we spent a long time in our bedroom with the dogs and a well bundled little Sully. Our room is always the warmest--we usually have 5 bodies in there at night, lol.

But still.

And on a unrelated note, I totally mended a pillow case today. I've put it off for 3 years. That's right. 3 years. Today, I busted out my sewing stuff and made myself a very neat and tidy little seam. Bet you never would have guessed that of me. I took 2 or 3 (not sure if I had signed up for it my junior year, which I failed to attend for the most part) years of sewing in high school. I love sewing, just don't do it often. Go me! :D I can't wait to display my work to Caayn, lol.


Phoenix said...

You are not alone on the snow, they're saying we're about to get a cold front too. I really hope it doesn't snow though. I'm not ready yet.