25 October 2007

Another Whippet Rant Thing

Okay, this is starting to suck. I had another talk with Whippet Woman, and just like last time, we didn't get much done. She doesn't want us to have to drive 16 hours round trip just for our whippet. She can't drive very far away since A) she has 3 jobs and B) she would have to take her 93 year old mother too.

So this is where we are at:

Sioux Falls dog show in South Dakota is too far.
Fargo/Moorehead had their dog show a few weeks back.
St. Cloud dog show is December 16th.
Can't do a pick-up on Sunday, as she teaches Sunday school.

St. Cloud was decided as a reasonable distance for her to drive in her situation. We are willing to drive that far, but she would prefer we didn't HAVE to.

She's asked us to see if anyone Caayn works with will be driving through the area for Thanksgiving, maybe they could pick her up on the way home. (She'll be crated and they wouldn't have to do anything with her for the trip back.) Caayn is leery of doing that, plus he
thinks its weird to ask that.

So we still haven't figured out what to do. She's going to try and get some pictures up... apparently she has had a new camera since April but doesn't know how to work it; she said she'd practice on our girl and try and get some sent out.

I'm thinking of sending an email out to the folks on the WhippetSanity email group, see if anyone is headed anywhere near us or in any of the surrounding states... I know that some whippet people don't mind helping get a whippet from one place to another. Just a matter of finding the right people. Oi.

And we're still teetering on the line of before baby/after baby. I'd really like to not have to travel very far this pregnant... Mostly because with all my contractions and stuff, I just really can't be certain when it will make the leap from irregular contractions to patterned contractions. So ideally we would get this done -after- baby. But in order for it to really work, it would have to be after baby but before ALS. Seriously, this is too much! It's silly. But it's going to be so worth it by December. By December there WILL be a baby in the house AND my whippet girl. Plus, that's the month I start busting my rear in the gym so I can be all tight and sexy, as opposed to jiggly and frumpy. Hehehe!