20 October 2007

Countdown to the End of Whippet Posts

**more whippet stuff--discontinue reading if uninterested! :D **

Had another call with the Whippet Woman today. Female whippet is indeed ours. I've chosen the name Athena for her. It was one of several good contenders, but then we were listening to the radio and a song came on where they said something about Athena, and that just did it. No pictures yet, she said she'd send me some soon. $350 for her, which is super awesome. She did say that she'd like for us to spay her; no problem there, I already had intentions on doing that.

We now have to figure out how and when we are going to transfer her to us. Her daughter is also involved in the Whippet World, and there is a show in Sioux Falls during the first weekend of November... but I found out that is 8 hours from us. At that distance, we may as well just drive out to the Woman's house and pick her up there. She is going to check for dog shows in the surrounding area that they might attend, in hopes of finding one that is a good distance for both of us to drive.

I am so darn excited. Geez, I sound like a broken record. I need a new word to replace excited with. But I am!

Yesterday Sully requested (at 6pm) that we go to the dog park. He was a shrieky, melt-downy mess, and any discussion of going to the dog park made him break out in smiles, so we instantly hopped on that. Achilles had a blast. Except there was a Yorkie there... in the big dog field. Achilles loves Yorkies. We tried to ward off any possible bad dog behavior by letting him run off some steam in the second big dog field, but there was a fence down and plastic stuff used to "close" it. Not good enough for safety. The second we went back to the front field, Achilles zoomed off for the Yorkie. He did what he normally does to Artemis, paws at her and nibbles/fleas the area around their neck. Well, thats all in well on Artemis, but not a 4lb dog. How embarrassing. We've been considering getting him a muzzle because of the whole prey instinct thing. Whenever he runs with a dog, he usually is trying to catch them on the neck. We know why he does it, but I'm sure other dog owners are worried that he is trying to hurt their dog. (He's not.) Apparently whippets are pretty bad about the prey instinct too, so it might be muzzle on both at the dog park.

I can't wait to see the two of them sprinting across the field together. I'm pretty sure I'll melt. Hopefully the snow keeps not falling and we can get at least one day in at the park. We haven't gone in the winter (not sure about Sully running around in such cold weather, even if he is wearing a snowsuit)...

AHHHH! :D I want to jump up and down and squeal like a little girl. Seriously, this is so very very awesome. I joked to Caayn that I'd wear it in the Moby out in public sometime (they are within the weight limit of the wrap)... I think it'd be funny.

Oh! My ipod got here the other day. Caayn laughed at me when I opened the package and was like, "OMG, it's not in there!!".... I'd never seen one before, actually in my hand, and hadn't realized they were so wee tiny. Too bad it didn't come with any cords or anything. It's sitting in my sock drawer (something else Caayn thinks is funny--I seriously stash all sorts of stuff in my sock/underwear drawer... where else would you hide stuff?!), waiting to be filled with lovely happy music.

AND my CPT manual got here yesterday. I've managed to complete 2 lessons now. From not doing my lessons in so long, I forgot how much I enjoy this. It'll be nice whenever I do get a job for it, it's totally the sort of thing that is right up my alley. I still can't believe I got the book for like $13 on Amazon. Normally the book is really pricey. I feel like the person who made a good score on ebay. (Amazon is my version of ebay.)

That's all for now. We're going to run out to the pet store later and pick up a frisbee. One of the folks last night had a frisbee and their daughter was tossing it... Sully thought it was the height of fun to run after it and bring it back. My son was playing the role of dog in a game of fetch, lol. So we have to get him one because he is dying to play some more. Plus, maybe I'll get a chance to show Caayn how silly Achilles is around the bird they have there. He is totally spooked about the strange smelling, feather creature that talks and whistles at him. Great fun!


Patience-please said...

Congrats on getting your whippet! I hope it is a great breeder. I'm "meeting" you so late in your search; sorry I wasn't able to be more help.
If I can help in any way, don't hesitate to contact me:
dogwalkers AT

all the best-

Momma_Phoenix said...

I am pretty sure the breeder is good--Carol Juelfs of Affinity? At least, that is what my internet search has come up with. I see a lot of wins under her and her daughters, even though that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Thank you! :)

Karen said...

Hoping to see pictures of your funny junk . . . see how attached I am?

Patience-please said...

Carol is a GEM!!!! Please give her a HUGE hug from me! PROMISE!
And she has lovely, sweet dogs.

relieved and happy for you-

Momma_Phoenix said...

Lol, I will definitely turn it into a post, my junk drawer stuff. :D

I will definitely give her a hug for you! She seems like a really nice woman from our conversations.