18 October 2007

No More Whippets--PLEASE

**All about whippet junk--if this bores you, read no further!**

So, I decided I was going to stop this insane hunt for the whippet. Put it off until next year, when we'll be in PA and could maybe stop at one of the hundreds of breeders on the way back. Would be much easier to do, since living in North Dakota puts us so far from everything else. (It's pure irony--I've discovered 3 or 4 breeders within a couple hours drive of my hometown. Seriously, I was apparently surrounded by them and never knew it.)

Except I talked with the Whippet Woman. And she has 2 available right now. 6 months or so in age, which is a little younger than I'd like, but honestly, I wouldn't say no. She has a female and a male. She started off saying it was a shame we were interested in a male, because she had this female... so I'm kind of wondering if after reading my WRAP application and my email to her daughter, she might think the female would fit better with us. The female is mostly white, with a spot of red brindle on her head and a spot on her side. The male is white and red (possibly brindle). And she was even willing to drive half way, which would give us an 8 hour round trip drive rather than 16 or 17. She said to think about it and call back.

I wish she'd emailed instead--I'm so bad at getting my questions across on the phone. And before I can call back, I need to figure out which questions need to be asked before we commit to this. Caayn is letting me handle this, since it's "my thing". Plus, he choses bad dogs. His last pick? Abby, also known as Devil Dog. Here I was, ready to give up and wait, when this comes to me. I feel myself being tugged toward this unseen girl whippet. Funny. After all, I was the one who said I wanted another male dog.

The downside. Four hour drive, 35 weeks pregnant. I can flat out tell you know, if I asked the midwife if she'd let me, she'd say no. 8 hour round trip. Could I make it back in time, if I did go into labor? I'm feeling a 60% chance on yes, I would. But I can't base this on anything. My labor with Sully was so messed up. If I based the labor solely on the time from waterbreaking to birth, 18 hours. Supposedly additional births progress faster than first time. I could half that in 9 hours. Which would put me at just toeing the line. Personally, it'd be worth it. Stay super hydrated, walk around every couple of hours. But in order for this all to work, we'd have to be moving on this plan ASAP. Even two weeks is too long to wait. At 37 weeks, I have to admit that the distance is too long. And while Caayn could do the drive himself (it's a super easy drive, we've done it several times), I wouldn't get the chance to meet the woman and ask whatever questions pop into my head. So yeah. Lots to think about here.

Hopefully I will resolve this soon, so that I can stop blogging about it. It literally has taken over my brain. All I can think about are whippets. I found a hilarious blog about a lady who has 9 whippets. It's amazing. I can see myself being that lady when I'm older. Just surrounding myself with greyhounds and whippets. Ahhh, what a life that would be! Full of doggy induced insanity.