17 October 2007

Freaking Out!

Boy, I am awfully mopey. This whole whippet deal (sorry to bring it up AGAIN) is really bumming me out. I'm the sort of person who makes a decision and then takes action. I don't like to wait once I have my mind set on a goal. Well, unless said goal is long and drawn out, then I get hooked in to procrastination. So the fact that we finally decided now might be the time to add a whippet to our family (something we agreed on at least two years ago), it's driving me batty that I can't. I'm waiting for a phone call from a breeder in Minnesota, but I might just call her instead. Oi. I swear, I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown over this. (It's totally possible this is me shifting any baby related anxiety to a new situation, if you hadn't already thought that.)

Yesterday I downloaded iTunes. That was kind of fun. Gave me something to do other than stare at unchanged breeder websites and refreshing the WRAP Homes Needed page. Apparently all my cds equals 1262 songs/3 days of play time/4.02 GBs. Also, Alternative & Punk and Jazz seem to be my most popular genres. I can thank Louis Prima for the jazz; I love that guy. Poor Caayn though. He started importing all his cds to the iTunes on his comp... Neither of us know exactly how many cds he has, but needless to say, it's too many. I'm assuming it will take him about a week to get them all in. And if I had to guess, I'd say the final count (based off of the info from my cds) will be 7,000 songs, 9 days playtime, and 14GBs. I'll probably be way off, lol.

No labor yesterday, no labor today. If this baby is going to be a prankster, he has tomorrow to put me into labor. If not, that's okay too. Like I said yesterday, I'm really thinking end of October.

Caayn is going to Jimmy's birthday dinner tonight (Happy birthday to Jimmy!), and I plan on calling whippet woman (I generally refer to all of them that way and Caayn is always like, uhh which one?) in the brief period he is home. This is doubly exciting. First, Caayn has never done anything fun without me (not including 'mandatory fun' with his squadron), so I'm hoping he has a really good time. And second, I could potentially get some info on this whole whippet deal. Seriously. Oh, and a third exciting thing--since Caayn is going to eat out, I'm making pancakes for dinner! Yum! :D Now, if Sully would just learn to like pancakes...