24 October 2007

Nice Day

It's 29 degrees outside. Has been for the entire hour I've been awake. Supposedly we're supposed to have today reach the 70s. It hasn't been the 70s in a long time. Probably all of October was spent being in the 40s and 50s.

We've been planning on going to the corn maze today, since the weekend when we learned Wednesday was supposed to be really nice. I hope it is! Last night Sully asked if we were going to walk in the corn... Plus it'd be nice to get some pumpkins carved up.

Weather in the 70s makes me want to make another trip to the dog park, just because it'll be nice out. And taking my dog to the dog park ranks pretty high on the list of things that make me happy. We no longer take Artemis... she spends the entire time barking hysterically at any person or dog, and she even lunges/chases dogs barking at them, which then gets Achilles all worked up. Ugh. We usually end up leaving early when we bring her. One of these days in the far future, I'd like to get a treadmill and have her work out on it. We don't take her on walks much because she acts like that pretty much the whole time she is walking (everything gets her worked up because anything could be something she doesn't like). And I think that getting some real good exercise in her will help. Silly dog.

We're hoping Mr. L makes an appearance here soon... It's to the point now where I can't really make plans with Whippet Woman on picking up Athena, since I can't leave the area until he shows up... and each passing day brings us so much closer to Caayn going to ALS. (We have exactly 14 days now until he starts ALS... which means he'd come to the birth, but then would have to continue the class instead of taking the leave we'd planned on...) Oi. It's just a little stressful. So the sooner he shows up, the sooner we can get Athena and then attempt to get settled in some sort of routine before Caayn isn't home all day with us.

Also, Hola, Isabel! brought up a good subject today, about making living wills... It's something to think about.