12 October 2007

The One About Metallica

I can't think of anything to write about that isn't somehow pregnancy, Sully, Caayn or dog related. There's the weather, which is still cold, but I already did that one. Oh wait, I've got a topic that I've been storing for rainy days like this (its not raining though). I discovered it one day while Caayn and I were going to the mall. Not sure how we stumbled on the topic.

Caayn doesn't like old Metallica. Yeah, that's right. I started listening to Metallica in 6th grade, and once in junior high, I'm sure my fellow bus riders didn't appreciate me belting out the lyrics while listening to my walkman... Suffice to say, I love Metallica. To be more precise, pre-Reload stuff. After Reload came out, they went downhill. I think the worst thing they did was the stuff with the orchestra. Unfortunately, Caayn thinks that is some of their best stuff. How did this come about?!

Eh, it's not that bad, I guess. I don't listen to their cds anymore, mostly because I tend to prefer silence when I can get it (plus we only have one stereo that actually plays cds and that is in Sully's room--the rest are stereos that got burnt out playing his lullaby cd). But when I hear them on the radio, I get lost. I think they are brilliant. Lars is one of the better drummers, in my opinion (despite his being a whiny ass without his drums). Actually, I think I refer to him as a drumming god. Then again, I'm totally partial to guys who can kick ass on a double bass drum set. I'll spend the whole song focusing on one instrument or the other, and then stepping back and listening to them weave together as a whole. It's beautiful stuff, man.

My favorite song by them is Fade to Black. It used to make me cry, in both it's beauty and it's sadness. I am that geeky.

Oops, Ray Ramano is on Comedy Central... I'd better go. He cracks me up.


Karen said...

Just want you to know that over here in Zen land, you didn't win the drawing but my daughter Georgia was so enamored of your screen name: Momma Phoenix that she asked to keep the scrap of paper with it on it.
Strange?! I consider it a very favorable sign!

Momma_Phoenix said...

Hehehe! I'm glad Georgia likes it. If I had to guess, I would say it was the word Phoenix. It has it's own allure to it, with the unique spelling and the x at the end. I know I still love seeing it after who knows how long!

Thank you for letting me know! :)