01 October 2007

A Note About Achilles

The post was too long to include this, but I had to mention it... (Hey, it's my blog and its mostly here so I can write everything out of my brain, which is probably boring to all but me.)

Achilles is being SO funny with Big Boy in the house. He has turned totally possessive of me. He was never more than two steps away all night last night, and if Big Boy walked near, he would step closer and rest his head on me. And then once we were all in bed, which was early because Achilles was still recovering and was kind of loopy from his Rimadyl (I like to be near him as much as possible when he's like this, just so he has the comfort of his pack), he totally was all up at the head of the bed, head pressed on me, with his front legs across mine, nails slightly digging in to keep his hold. It was so silly. I was VERY proud of him not being toy aggressive too. Big Boy liked the squeaky hedgehog, which is one of Achilles' very favorite toys, but he never growled or tried to take it away. Not even when he played with the big squeaker ball that Achilles has, special from Pennsylvania, to replace the original one from PA that Abby destroyed.