07 October 2007


I bought my Moby wrap yesterday! (I chose the chocolate color, since I wanted something Caayn would wear too.) I'm so excited for it to get here so I can play around with it. I wonder if I could get the cat to pretend to be a baby... hmm...

My father-in-law called last night. He and his wife are visiting Caayn's great aunt out in Delaware. And it's Greyhounds Reach the Beach weekend in Rehobeth. GRRR! They are so lucky! I've been wanting to go there for 2 years now, but we keep going out to PA at the wrong time. We think we might try and make it next year. I'm already crossing my fingers. Reach the Beach is a big to-do for Rehobeth. Greyhounds and their owners travel from all over to get together and promote adoption, as well as hang out with other hound lovers. They have events like early morning walks on the beach, dog runs, and seminars for owners to attend. (This year they have a seminar on caring for your hounds paws, which I would love to learn more about to prevent Achilles from getting those sores.) Seriously, some year we're going to make it and Achilles is going to have so much fun! Plus I bet we'll run into folks I've met online through flickr or this one greyhound yahoo group. That'd be really fun!

I've been in touch with the whippet lady for North Dakota, who said she'd keep my adoption application on hand, as well as passing it along to other rescuers in nearby states. Plus she mentioned something about a breeder in Minnesota who has some older puppies they are looking to sell. So we're still not making any real headway, but you know what they say, good things come to those who wait. And when you deal with a breed as carefully managed as the whippet, you'll definitely have a long wait.

Boring weekend so far. It's weird--after having spent over 6 years playing virtual pet sites (I just hit the 6 year mark on my neopets account, but who plays there anymore? They sold out when they turned into Viacom...) I have nothing to do on the computer! After I burnt out on Neo, I switched over to Subeta... but I couldn't stand all the psycho changes that are made nonstop there, so I quit it too. Now I just read my blogs, check my baby forums, check WRAP for any new whippets, check flickr for dog pics, and hop on ICHC for any new cat macro. After I check my email like 5 times, I'm at a loss. Lately I've been reading more. Picked up the Pern series again, even though I've read all the books like 100 times and know the world inside and out from having roleplayed it... Argh. Oh well! It's not like NOT being addicted to the computer is a bad thing. Just a whole new experience.

Now, if I could just work up the nerve to upload some pictures... I think I have 300 of Achilles, just sitting there waiting to be sorted, deleted or edited. One of these days I'll manage to capture half of his charm and personality in a photo. It's harder to do than I thought it would be. We did get some lovely ones of his eyes, which I'll have to share. He has the most gorgeous eye color for a dog--it's like a light golden brown, with an inner ring of milk chocolate, and then his pupil. Just lovely. I wish my eyes were that color!

Oh, and I also picked up my birthing ball. We're very nearly ready. I just need to get some curtains and wash the new clothes. Surprisingly the ball is really good for making my back pain go away. I'm not sure if it's from being forced to sit differently or if it's from sitting on a ball full of air, but it's nice. Now, if I could figure out how to sleep on it, I'd have solved all my back issues! :D


Leigh said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm still checkin' in on ya and anxiously awaiting your updates.
Glad you got your will LOVE LOVE LOVE it. :)

Momma_Phoenix said...

I haven't made too many updates, mostly because not much has changed. A lot more swollen in the hands and feet, more back pain, still having lots of contractions. Hopefully I'll have more to report today after my appt! :D

I can't wait! It should be getting here any day now. That'll give me some time to try out the different ways of wearing it.