09 October 2007

Umm, Brrr?

It's 37 degrees out. It has been that temp since I woke up at 8:30. YUCK! On my google homepage, I have the weather forecasts for here, Dover and Lewes. Current temps? 80 in both Lewes and Dover right now. At 11am their time.

I'm all for autumn and winter, but geez, couldn't it spread the love a little? My mom lives in Arizona and she called yesterday morning. Said that the temp was dropping and that last week was in the 90s. According to her it was chilly! Then when she mentioned the forecast of 80s this week, I told her she'd better break out the winter gear. Silly lady! It always cracks her up to hear weather things or to think them about where she is. We're from the coast of California--when you look at the weather for that state, there is always a little spot, right in that elbow knob thing, where the weather rarely seems to change. Thats us. So my mom was surprised that in just one year she was able to adjust from our weather to the weather of Arizona. Same here. 37 I can go out in without a jacket and check the mail across the street. In the dead of winter, if it gets to 30 or 40, you are wearing your lightest sweater with the sleeves pushed up. Back home, if it was 50, it was so cold! It's funny when you can see your own perceptions change.

Caayn lost a notebook last night. Might not seem like a big deal, except it had some material written in it that he hadn't had a chance to get typed onto his laptop. He has a habit of writing in both notebooks and the comp, so he usually does have material in one notebook or another that needs to be moved around. I'll be cleaning the house top to bottom, hoping I find it; he'll be poking around work. I really want to find it--if it shows up, he has to do a 20 second happy dance. :D

Now for my Sully update... He is so freaking smart. His favorite bedtime book is The Poky Little Puppy (I have a rant on that book that maybe I'll get around to typing up). He now can 'read' a good portion of it. The first line he has down pat: "Five little puppies dug a hole under the fence and went for a walk in the wide, wide world." When we get to the part where the four puppies go down the hill, instead of rolly-polly, pell-mell, tumble bumble, he says pell, tumdle bumble. It melts my heart every time. I don't think I was 'reading' a book until I was probably 3 and a half or so, because I was actually reading by the time I was 4. At his rate, it will be totally possible for him to be actually reading on his own before too awfully long.