22 October 2007

No Labor

Oops, I didn't get back here for an update as soon as I thought. Aside from going to my midwife appt, we had to go pick up a refill on a prescription and then run into Target and get another appliance lock. (Seriously, no more pumpkin pies incidents, please.) By the time we were out of there, I was completely beat.

I can hardly sit here right now, I just want to go curl up in the fetal position and sleep.

Anyway, appt stuff! I only gained 1 lb (whoo!!) putting me at 34 gained. Blood pressure was good, Mr. L's heart sounded good. I am currently sitting at 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Which sort of means nothing, considering I'm 36 weeks and have already had a baby. So looks like we're still waiting. She did say that the baby is waaaay down, like she felt his head and was hardly up there... I could have told her that--I woke up the other day and was doing the spread legged waddle walk. Not fun when I know how silly I have to look, lol. She was excited about that. I swear, does no one think I can birth a baby? Sully was head down, I was dilated to 10 and pushed for an hour and a half. If they had KNOWN he was facing up, let me try other positions, and let me push longer, I would have done it. EVERYONE keeps telling me that babies just can't be born facing up. UGH. So every little thing my body does that is "normal" makes her excited in thinking I can do it. Duh. I knew that. I'd've done it the first time if they left me alone and let me push...

Still having some good contractions though, here's to hoping they continue making change on me. Funny thing for any moms out there... In the wee hours, about 30 seconds before a contraction would start, I'd get the tingling sensation of let-down. Thought that was pretty funny!